Mixer #3 | Intermediate B1

Cats vs. Dogs

Cats and dogs make great pets. But if you had to choose, which one would you pick?

Kate, New Zealand
speakerBetween cats and dogs I definitely prefer dogs. Although cats are very cute, but dogs also, I like to be active. I like to run around the lawn and take them for walks, and actually, the dogs are more like a little kid, and I actually have a dog. I own a dog in New Zealand and every day I take him for a walk and feed him just like my own little child.

Tres, United States
speakerLet's see, cats or dogs. I think I would prefer a dog over a cat and the reason being, cats make me sneeze, and they make my eyes itch, whereas dogs I'm not too allergic too. On the other hand, dogs have personality. Cats seem to be a bit smarter at times, more like humans but I think a dog is a lot more fun to be around, plus, you know, if you're ever in a time of need, a dog may save your life, where a cat will just watch you die.

Ruth, England
speakerCats or dogs, that's a good question. Well, I think I would have to say cats because although I like both, cats are more independent and they can find their own food and they don't need to be taken for walks, and generally they're less needy, so I think I would say cats.

Jim, England
speakerI prefer dogs to cats because I think they're loyal and always pleased to see you. I think cats are a little bit selfish, but I have to say I've never had neither. I've only had a tortoise.

Eucharia, Ireland
speakerI think cats are better pet than dogs because cats don't need to be minded. You don't have to worry about feeding a cat, walking a cat. A cat is independent and will walk itself, so um, also they don't require as much training as dogs so they're a much nicer pet I think.

Alan, Canada
speakerI prefer cats. Cats are clean, quite, low maintenance animals. You feed them. You let them out once in awhile. You give them attention, and they're happy. I used to have a cat and I was quite happy with it.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Learn vocabulary from the lesson!



A cat is independent and will walk itself.

When we are 'independent' we do not need the help of others.  Notice the following:

  1. Kids from western cultures become independent from their parents earlier than kids from Asian cultures.
  2. Cats are much more independent than dogs.

time of need


Dogs can help you in a time of need.

In a 'time of need,' we require the help of others.  Notice the following:

  1. In times of need I always call my grandfather.
  2. He saves money every month specifically for times of need.



I'm allergic to cats.

When we are 'allergic' to something it causes sneezing, red eyes, and in serious cases, breathing problems.  Notice the following:

  1. Jack wanted to be a veterinarian, but he's allergic to cats.
  2. I love red wine, but I'm allergic to it.



Cats don’t need to be minded.

To 'mind something' means to take care of it. If you are minding children, you have to pay attention to them. In the case of pets, minding can include walking and feeding, them. Notice the following:

  1. Our babysitter is minding the kids for the weekend.
  2. Can you mind my dog while I'm away?

low maintenance


Cats are low maintenance animals.

'Low maintenance' means that it doesn’t require a lot of work to take care of something. If you have to do many special things to take care of something, it is high maintenance.  Notice the following:

  1. Cats are much lower maintenance than dogs.
  2. Ferrari is a nice car, but they are really high maintenance.

Vocabulary Quiz

independent • time of need • allergic
mind • maintenance
  1. Just put out food for the cats and they can themselves.
  2. From the time she was a baby she has always been very . She loves doing things alone.
  3. She was a very good friend to me in my .
  4. They are very high . If you go away for the weekend they both bring at least 2 suitcases.
  5. He is extremely to peanuts. If he eats one he will probably die.

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