Mixer Listening Lessons 76 - 100

In these ESL listening lessons, six people share their throughts about the same topic. Lessons come with video, audio, script, media, quiz and vocab!

Lesson List: 1 -25 | 26 - 50 | 51 - 75 | 76 - 100 | 101 - 125 | 126 - 150

MX 100 English
Mixer 100 Learning English
Some speakers share their secret to English.
MX 99 Cooking
Mixer 99 Cooking
Several people discuss if they enjoy cooking.
MX 98 Shopping
Mixer 98 Shopping
Six people discuss how often they go shopping.
MX 97 Disaster
Mixer 97 Natural Disaster
Being in a natural disaster!
MX 96 Dancing
Mixer 96 Dancing
Several people discuss if they enjoy getting their groove on.
MX 95 Appearance
Mixer 95 Appearance
Do people worry about their looks?
MX 94 Breakup
Mixer 94 Breaking Up
People debate breaking up versus being dumped.
MX 93 Rent
Mixer 93 Rent vs. Own
Is renting or owning a home better?
MX 92 Healthcare
Mixer 92 Healthcare
Should healthcare be free?
MX91 Best Time to Marry
Mixer 91 Best Time to Marry
Should people get married early or late?
MX90 Staying in Shape
Mixer 90 Staying in Shape
How they stay in shape
MX88 Leadership
Mixer 89 Space Race
Should explore space?
MX88 Leadership
Mixer 88 Leadership
What are the qualities of a good leader?
MX87 Sleep
Mixer 87 Sleep
How much sleep do most people get?
MX86 Favorite Sport
Mixer 86 Favorite Sport
Six people discuss sports they play or watch.
MX85 Big or Small Company
Mixer 85 Big or Small Biz?
Is it better to work in a big or small company?
MX84 Favorite Gadget
Mixer 84 Favorite Gadget
We ask people what their favorite gadget.
MX83 Free Education
Mixer 83 Free Education
Should university be free?
MX82 Cars and the Future
Mixer 82 Cars and the Future
Will people still be driving cars in 100 years?
Mixer 78  Accidents
Mixer 81 Business Idea
What business would people like to own?
Mixer 78  Accidents
Mixer 80 In Flight
How do people pass the time in the air?
Mixer 78  Accidents
Mixer 79 Adventure
Six adventures people would like to take.
Mixer 78  Accidents
Mixer 78 Vehicle Accidents
Hear six people discuss being in accidents.
Mixer 77 Shyness
Listen to six people talk about being shy.
Mixer 76 Family Size
Listen to six people talk about their family size.

Full Lesson List: 1 -25 | 26 - 50 | 51 - 75 | 76 - 100 | 101 - 125 | 126 - 150

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