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Best Author

A woman talks about an author she likes.

Free Worksheet (PDF)

Answer the following questions about the interview.

My favorite author is Dick Francis. He was a jockey. He's actually no longer alive now, but he didn't write when he was a jockey either; it was afterwards when he had retired. He was a champion jockey, and he was most famous because he rode in the Grand National on The Queen Mother's horse, and it fell just before it got to the finish line. And the books that he writes are all set in the racing world, and so yeah, there's lots of horses. I like horses, and when somebody ends up being dead, the ex-jockey or whoever, he's the one that solves the mysteries. Since he died, his son, Felix, has taken over writing books now in the same series, but he's not anywhere near as good as his father was.

Instructions: Play the audio and fill in the missing words.

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