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Vocabulary Quiz
finishes • top-tier • rents out
common area • firm
  1. She applied to many universities for graduate school.
  2. We need to find someone who lake cabins.
  3. When he school he's going to move to the west coast.
  4. I have an internship at a local next summer.
  5. In college I spent a lot of time in the of my dormitory.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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255 The Interview
Travis talks about of getting a job out of law school.

  • Transcript
  • Audio Notes
Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.


How do you get a job after you finish law school.

When you 'finish' something you complete what you have to do. Notice the following:

  1. I'll come over right after I finish work.
  2. When will you finish the project?


The law school that I'm at is considered to be a top-tier law school.

Anything described as 'top-tier' is considered to be very good at what it does compared to similar institutions. Notice the following:

  1. Our school competes with some of the top-tier schools in terms of classes offered.
  2. They are going to be one of the top-tier teams at the tournament.

rent out

During the early interview week, the school rents out an entire hotel.

The way 'rent out' is used in this example is similar to 'rent' or to pay to be able to use a thing or place.  Usually we use 'rent out' to say that we have something that we want to rent to someone else. Notice the following:

  1. Is there a place around here that rents out bicylces.
  2. The hotel has offered to rent out ten room at a discounted rate.

common area

The students will wait in a common area, and wait for their turn to be interviewed.

A 'common area' is a place where people from different rooms or areas can come and relax.  Usually it has sofas and maybe a TV. Notice the following:

  1. We just got a new television for the common area in our house.
  2. It's strange that the apartment has no common area for us to hang out.


Over the course of a week, some students will interview as many as twenty-five firms over a four or five-day period.

A 'firm' is a partnership or association of a group of people who give the same services, such as lawyers or accountants. Notice the following:

  1. How many lawyers are at your firm.
  2. Our firm always has a big holiday party every year.