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Sushi Selections

Hiroshi explains the kinds of sushi you can order at a sushi restaurant.
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Adrienne: So, Hiroshi, when I go to a sushi restaurant, how do I know what to order?

Hiroshi: It depends on the mood I'd have to say cause there is a variety of sushi that you can order. One, I usually think, there's a fatty, really big flavor sushi which is toro, it's a fatty part of tuna. Even within the toro, you get o-toro, chu-toro. There's like several different kinds. It depends on how much the fat part is being contained, so if you want to go for the big flavor, I would definitely go for toro, the fatty tuna.

Adrienne: So fatter is better? For Tuna?

Hiroshi: It depends. Yes, they also have just regular red maguro, which is just the red tuna, with just lean tuna part, so it doesn't contain any fat. It's also good, so it depends on you're mood

Also, actually, my dad used to tell me that like you always end with eggs because it cleanses your palette, so...

Adrienne: Eggs like chicken eggs?

Hiroshi: Ah, yes, just regular eggs. That tamago eggs, that's kind of like scrambled eggs, but it's on top of the rice.

Adrienne: Oh, that's the big yellow cube.

Hiroshi: The big yellow one.

Adrienne: I know it. OK... So, if I order sushi it's going to be shellfish or fish or egg? Always?

Hiroshi: You also get some vegetables. Cucumbers, Kanpyo - that's another type of kind of marinated vegetable, and also nowadays some sushi restaurants have avocado. That's actually reverse imported from the United States. The traditional Japanese restaurant never had avocado as a menu, but since the United States, California-style.

Adrienne: California roll. I know it.

Hiroshi: It became very popular, that some Japanese started enjoying the California style sushi, so that you can sometimes get even in Japan nowadays.

Adrienne: I had one time, in America, I had a Seattle roll which was cream cheese and salmon in rice and seaweed, so really different cause usually there's not cheese in sushi right?

Hiroshi: : Traditionally, you'd never see cheese in any sushi menu if you go to old-school sushi restaurant in Tokyo, probably they're gonna laugh at you.

Adrienne: Yeah, it did seem a little bit strange.


Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

depends on the mood


It depends on the mood I'd have to say because there is a variety of sushi that you can order.

When something 'depends on the mood,' it changes with how you are feeling at a particular time. In the example, the kind of sushi you order depends on the how you feel that particular day.

Notice the following:

  1. I won't ask her to go out tonight, whether or not she says yes depends on her mood.
  2. The music that you play at a party often depends on the mood.

cleanses your palette


You always end with eggs because it cleanses your palette.

When something 'cleanses your palette,' it means that it removes the taste of any food that you have previously eaten.

Notice the following:

  1. I eat sorbet between each course, as it is meant to cleanse your palette.
  2. They serve foods that cleanse your palette at formal occasions.

scrambled eggs


Tamago eggs, that's kind of like scrambled eggs, but it's on top of the rice.

'Scrambled eggs' are eggs that are cooked and served in a particular way. Whilst they are cooking they are moved around the pan which leaves them with a 'scrambled' or mixed effect.

Notice the following:

  1. I like to have scrambled eggs in the morning.
  2. I asked her if she would like scrambled eggs, and she said no.

marinated vegetable


Cucumbers, Kanpyo - that's another type of marinated vegetable.

A 'marinated vegetable' is any type of vegetable which is prepared in a particular way. When something is marinated, it means it is soaked in a sauce for a long time so that it absorbs the flavours.

Notice the following:

  1. I tried marinated vegetables for the first time, and I really enjoyed them.
  2. I think they will serve marinated vegetables with the sushi.



If you go to old-school sushi restaurants in Tokyo, probably they're going to laugh at you.

When something is said to be 'old-school,' it means that it is old fashioned and traditional.

Notice the following:

  1. I like old-school music.
  2. The way that they do things there is very old-school.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
mood • cleanse • scrambled
marinated • old-school
  1. Most of his clothes are pretty . He rarely wears anything fashionable.
  2. These crackers are used to your palate before you try the other types of cheese.
  3. These vegetables have a lot of flavor because they were overnight.
  4. The movies I watch usually depend on my .
  5. He eats eggs for breakfast almost every day.