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Sushi Ways and Wasabi

Hiroshi discusses how to eat sushi and when to use wasabi.
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Adrienne: So how do you eat the sushi? What's the best way to eat it?

Hiroshi: I usually use chopsticks but some people, they definitely prefer just using hands.

Adrienne: You can eat with your hands at the restaurant?

Hiroshi: The restaurant if it's more an upscale restaurant, that it has a little art deco that you feel that it is not like old school, but really upscale restaurant. I would recommend to use chopsticks but if it's an old school sushi restaurant and in downtown area, yeah, it's totally acceptable to use your hands.

Adrienne: Interesting. OK, so I am eating maybe with chopsticks or with my hands. Is there anything I need to put on the sushi or eat with the sushi or do I just eat is straight?

Hiroshi: OK, I think the big question's always, how much wasabi.

Adrienne: Wasabi? What's wasabi?

Hiroshi: Wasabi is a horseradish. It's really hot. The green one you might have seen.

Adrienne: Oh, it looks like putty.

Hiroshi: Correct. And the real sushi restaurant, they actually either ask you or you basically let the sushi chef decide how much they are gonna put on the sushi, and you basically, you just use soy sauce as a dip and eat it, so if you really don't like to have anything spicy you might want to tell the chef that I don't need wasabi in my sushi.

Adrienne: OK, I saw someone once at a sushi restaurant put wasabi in the soy sauce. Is that acceptable?

Hiroshi: That's acceptable but it depends on the restaurant. Some restaurants actually give you wasabi along with your sushi dish and you add the wasabi onto the soy sauce trey. That's totally fine. You can control the hotness, the spiciness. Yeah, that's fine and also you can just go without wasabi and just enjoy the natural flavor of fish.

Adrienne: What happens if you eat too much wasabi?

Hiroshi: Basically, tears comes out.

Adrienne: You burn your brain.

Hiroshi: You burn your brain. Yeah.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson



The restaurant if it's more an upscale restaurant, that it has a little art deco that you feel that it is not like old school.

When something is 'upscale,' it means that it is formal and of a higher class.

Notice the following:

  1. For a treat I like to take my parents to upscale hotels.
  2. I think there is nothing better than going to an upscale restaurant and trying really good food.

totally acceptable


It's totally acceptable to use your hands.

If something is 'totally acceptable,' it means that it is fine to do it.

Notice the following:

  1. I think kissing in public is totally acceptable.
  2. I am not sure if wearing that skirt is totally acceptable for school.



Wasabi is a horseradish and it's really hot.

'Horseradish' is a condiment that is used to compliment different types of food. It has a very strong flavor and can feel almost spicy in your mouth.

Notice the following:

  1. I like beef and horseradish sandwiches.
  2. I have never tried horseradish before.

that's totally fine


You add the wasabi on to the soy sauce tray and that's totally fine.

'That's totally fine' means something is acceptable and that there is no problem.

Notice the following:

  1. That's totally fine, I will pick you up a little bit later.
  2. Don't worry; that's totally fine.

go without


You can just go without wasabi and just enjoy the natural flavor of fish.

You 'go without' something if you don't use it or have it. We usually use this to talk about something you would prefer to have.

Notice the following:

  1. I am on a diet so I have to go without cakes and biscuits.
  2. It's hard to go without music when you are driving long distances.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
upscale • acceptable • horseradish
totally • go without
  1. I ate too much and my eyes are watering.
  2. It's totally to ask your teacher for extra help.
  3. It's not a good idea for you to lunch.
  4. We almost never go to restaurants.
  5. If you just want to stay home and watch a movie, that's fine.