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Wasting Money

Anita discusses things she wastes money on and how to prevent it
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Todd: So, Anita, we're talking about money.

Anita: OK.

Todd: I have some questions for you.

Anita: Fire away.

Todd: First question: are you good at saving money?

Anita: You know now that I got married, I think I'm much better at saving money, than I was before.

Todd: Yeah, I think it's definitely one thing that comes with age. The older you get, the better you get at saving money.

Anita: Definitely.

Todd: But we all waste money, so what is something you waste money on?

Anita: Oh, what do I waste money on? Probably movie rentals.

Todd: Movie rentals, right.

Anita: I love watching movies, and I am capable of renting five movies a week, so that's one thing.

Todd: You know, actually, not that you mention it, I have a huge problem with movie rentals, not so much the movie rental but the late fee. I'm terrible. Like, I'll have a movie for two weeks, and I could have bought the movie for the price I have to pay for the rental, for the late fee. Oh, it drives me nuts.

Anita: You should do what I did. I moved to a new apartment last month and that apartment is right in front of a movie rental place.

Todd: That's it. That's the solution. Always live by the movie rental place.

Anita: That's my way of saving money.

Todd: Well, these days you can actually download movies on the internet which is really convenient.

Anita: If you're American, yes. Usually many of these websites where you can legally download movies are only for American or people with American credit cards.

Todd: That's true.

Anita: Unfortunately, it's not available to the rest of the world yet, but I know in my country we have a website where you can rent movies. You download them from the internet and you get a special password, so the movie, you can only access the movie within those 24 hours that you rent it for. I've never tried it but the system is there and I think it's a great system.

Todd: That's a cool technology.

Anita: Yeah, very.

Todd: What about other things like music and books? Do you spend a lot of money on that?

Anita: Books, yes. Books yes. Music not as much. But one thing I definitely spend a lot of money on is my phone bill.

Todd: Oh, really.

Anita: Yes.

Todd: Talking on the phone.

Anita: Yes, talking on the phone.

Todd: Well, actually it's funny because those are two things I never waste money on. 1) I hate talking on the phone, so I'm never on the phone. I always have extra minutes, and 2) for books, go to the library. It's free.

Anita: But then you can't keep the book at home and the whole beauty of reading a book it to... after you've read it, put it in your own personal library and feel good about yourself when you look at your library and think. "Ah, I've read so many books" but I like having books at home because you can reread them anytime you feel like it.

Todd: Oh, that's interesting. I don't think I've ever reread a book, ever.

Anita: Really.

Todd: Yeah, one time and that's it.

Anita: Really.

Todd: Maybe I just don't have the same love of reading as you do.

Anita: Could be.


Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

fire away


Todd said he had some questions for Anita and she replied, "Fire away."

When you 'fire away,' it means that you start talking in your own time. It is a term that is used when you are inviting someone to talk without holding back.

Notice the following:

  1. I am all ears. Please fire away.
  2. She asked me to fire away and explain why I wanted the job.

comes with age


I think it's definitely one thing that comes with age.

When something 'comes with age,' it means that you will get it as you mature. Notice the following:

  1. I think common sense comes with age.
  2. A lot of things in life just come with age, and you have to be patient.

it drives me nuts


I could have bought the movie for the price I have to pay for the rental, for the late fee and it drives me nuts,

'It drives me nuts' means that something is really annoying you. Notice the following:
  1. When she plays her music too loud it drives me nuts.
  2. It drives me nuts when people interrupt me when I am talking.

legally download


Usually many of these websites where you can legally download movies are only for Americans or people with American credit cards.

When you 'legally download,' something it means that you have the producer's permission to download a copy onto your computer. Notice the following:

  1. I always make sure that I legally download all of the music that I buy.
  2. You have to make sure that you legally download it.

the whole beauty of


The whole beauty of reading a book at home is you can put it in your own personal library.

The 'whole beauty of ' refers to all the good points that come with something. Notice the following:

  1. The whole beauty of having children is you can see them grow old.
  2. The whole beauty of travelling is creating lasting memories


Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
fire away • with age • drives
download • beauty
  1. The whole of reading a book is that it gives you a chance to experience other worlds.
  2. When you want a program to work the way it should, you need to legally it.
  3. I want to hear your ideas, so just .
  4. Patience is something that comes .
  5. The sound of a ringing phone just me crazy.