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Tini shares how she likes to study and what helps her learn new things.

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Todd: Hello, Tini.

Tini: Yes, hello.

Todd: Now, Tini, I know that you are a very good student and you enjoy being a student.

Tini: Yes, I enjoy being a student.

Todd: OK, so as a teacher, I always want to know students are thinking, so I have some questions for you.

Tini: Sure.

Todd: OK, the first question: Do you like homework?

Tini: Well, to some extent, yes. That's a really difficult question. I used to hate it when I was small but as soon as... you know, like being a university student, you gotta be more initiative toward the work that you do and then so we don't have any more homework but we have to, like, acknowldege our role and our responsibility, our duties as well, and then so.

Todd: Well, how about in class, do you like to study alone or do you like to study in groups with other students?

Tini: Well, like different people, we have different learning styles. Like for me, I think I learn best through listening and discussions.

Todd: So that means you enjoy doing group work?

Tini: Yes, I enjoy doing group work, but of course, like, I would prefer, like, sometimes alone to have my own ideas first and then discuss it. You know, balancing.

Todd: A balance. A fair balance.

Tini: Yes, a fair balance.

Todd: Next question is do you prefer a strict teacher who has many rules or do you prefer and easy going teacher who has no rules over the class?

Tini: Well, like for me, it actually really depends. I would like a moderate teacher actually. Well,...

Todd: Something in between?

Tini: Yes, something in between. A teacher who is very understanding and it's OK if there are many rules, however it doesn't really cross over the line, you know, students, they should have their own lives and then, like, the teacher should respect different ways of doing things for the students I think.

Todd: OK, that sounds good.

Tini: I like interesting teachers probably.

Todd: Last one, do you prefer studying with multi-media, like movies, audio clips, or do you prefer studying with printed material, like books and journals?

Tini: Like, for me I like hands on things, like I like to write on things that I read so I think I prefer, like, journals and books more where I can actually have like a hands-on feeling.

Todd: That you are actually touching it.

Tini: Actually touching it, and actually you can write it, on it, like more flexible, I think, like for me.

Todd: OK, no, that is interesting. Well, thanks for you input.

Tini: No, problem. Anytime.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

to some extent

Do you like homework? Well, to some extent, yes.

'To some extent' means not all of the way, only part of the way.

Notice the following:

  1. To some extent, I think you are really nice.
  2. I asked him if he had regrets, and he said that to some extent he did.

different learning styles

Different people have different learning styles.

'Different learning styles' refers to the way in which different people approach studying.

Notice the following:

  1. A great teacher is one that will teach you according to your different learning style.
  2. We had a class full of people who had all sorts of different learning styles, so it was quite challenging.

a moderate teacher

I would like a moderate teacher actually.

A 'moderate teacher' is a teacher who is average. Here, Tini is talking specifically about how a teacher acts in the classroom and how many rules she has. She wants a teacher who is not too strict but not too easy-going.

Notice the following:

  1. My math teacher is a little too moderate, and the students don't pay attention in class.
  2. She is too much of a moderate teacher. I need someone with more passion.

cross over the line

A teacher who is very understanding and it's OK if there are many rules, however it doesn't really cross over the line.

When you 'cross over the line,' it means that you overstep the mark.

Notice the following:

  1. She was sent to the headmaster, as she crossed over the line with the teacher.
  2. I try not to cross over the line and become too friendly with my staff.

a hands-on feeling

I think I prefer journals and books more where I can have a hands-on feeling.

A 'hands-on feeling' means that something is tactile or that you get involved and stuck into something.

Notice the following:

  1. I like the hands-on feeling that baking bread gives you.
  2. She said that she preferred more of a hands-on feeling, so she would rather wash the clothes herself.


Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
extent • styles • moderate
cross over • hands-on
  1. The longer he has been teaching, the more he has become.
  2. Doing activities in class gives students a more feeling than just using the book.
  3. If you are too nice as a teacher, you may have problems with students trying to the line and be your friend.
  4. One of the most difficult things to learn as a teacher is how to teach for different learning .
  5. I think, to some , it's easier to learn things by actually doing them.