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Vocabulary Quiz
picky • cushions • cubic
get used to • that is the way
  1. It takes awhile to living in a foreign country.
  2. I am a little about what I eat.
  3. These are very comfortable to sit on.
  4. I think you need to do it.
  5. My room is only 40 feet in size.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

1007 Tea Time

Amir talks with Tu about the tradition of drinking tea in his home country of Iran.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.



They are picky about the tea.

When you are picky about something, that means you are very choosy about it. To be picky means you are very particular about what you want or like. Notice the following:

  1. He does not have a girlfriend because he is very picky about who he dates.
  2. I am very picky about what I eat.



We sit on the cushions.

A cushion is a big pillow or soft bag that people can lie on or sit on to be more comfortable. However, a cushion can also refer to a large big blanket on a futon. Notice the following:

  1. There are many cushions to sit on on the floor.
  2. Each chair had a cushion to sit on.



cubic sugar

When something is cubic, that means it is shaped like a cube. A cube is shaped like a box. If something is cubic, it has six sides. You can have cubic sugar or cubic slices of fruit. Notice the following:

How many cubic meters is the box?

It is 5 cubic meters in size.

That's the way


That's the way you drink it.

Here, the word 'way' can be replaced with 'how', so 'That's the way you drink it' could also be said 'That's how you drink it.' The word 'way' refers to the process or style of doing something. Notice the following:

  1. Let me show you the way I make pasta.
  2. I don't like the way you drive.

get used to


You will get used to it.

To get used to doing something, means to become comfortable doing it. Also, when you get used to something, it becomes easier or natural to do. People often get used to something, by doing it or being exposed to it again and again. Notice the following:

  1. It took me awhile to get used to driving on the other side of the road.
  2. After I broke my right hand, I had to get used to using my left hand for everything.