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Vocabulary Quiz
redo • sucks • first of all
hemisphere • et cetera
  1. Remember to bring a towel, water, sunscreen, because we will be at the beach all day.
  2. My teacher is letting me an exam that I failed.
  3. I would say, , that you should go to the doctor.
  4. That's awful. Having travel problems really .
  5. This will be the first country that I visit in the southern .
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
VideoVideo Response
What is your dream job?
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Mixer #08 Dream Job

Hear six different people talk about what their dream job would be.

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redo it


It sucks, redo it!

To 'redo' something is to do it over again from the beginning. If you are trying to learn a musical song, you may have done this many times, if you make a mistake, you start from the beginning and if you start from the beginning you are redoing it.

I have to redo my whole project because my cat destroyed it.

The actors had to redo the scene many times to get it right.



It sucks

'Suck' is a slang term to mean something is very bad or or poor quality. It is very informal.

I suck at tennis.

My movies sucks. Let's leave.

first of all


My job would involve, first of all, a very high salary.

First of all, means that you are about to say a list of things, but the first thing is the most important.

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone for coming tonight.

First of all, it is not polite to speak to me like that.

northern hemisphere


I spend half of the year in the Northern hemisphere

A 'hemisphere' is half of a ball. In this case, it is a half of the world. The 'northern hemisphere' is everything that is north of the equator.

There are many people who speak English in the southern hemisphere too, so remember, in some places, December is summer and July is winter!

Right now it's winter in the northern hemisphere.

et cetera


I’m learning to run my own business and accounting, et cetera.

'Et cetera' means “and other things.” For instance, if I say, grapes, apples, oranges, et cetera, then you can imagine that the list includes many other common fruits. Et cetera is usually abbreviated to 'etc.'

We will spend most of the time outside swimming, fishing, hiking, etc.

 I tried to contact you many times by email, calling, et cetera.