Mixer #10 | Low-Intermediate 4

Favorite Country

Six people share their thoughts on their favorite country besides their own.

Eucharia, Ireland
speakerOh, my most favorite country, that's so hard because I've loved every country I've visited for different reasons but I really loved Australia and in particular Melbourne city. Now, I'm not a city person but Melbourne is a really dynamic, vibrant city. There's food from around the world. There are people from all around the world, so it's just a really exciting place to be.

Jeannie, United States
speakerMy favorite country besides the U.S. would be New Zealand. I only visited there for about two weeks one time, but it was very beautiful. I love the nature aound there and I got to see a couple of sheep, but I have some really good friends there, too, so, a good place.

Mark, England
speakerApart from my country, my favorite country would be Hungary. I lived there for one year, and I lived in the capital, Budapest, and it's just a fantastic place. Absolutely beautiful. Lots of really great old buildings, very interesting cuisine, and intelligent and friendly people. Please go. I recommend it.

Alan, Canada
speakerMy favorite country besides my own? Well, I would have to say Thailand. I really enjoy the people there. There're quite friendly, and I especially enjoy the beaches, because I enjoy swimming and lying on the beach and getting a good tan, and I also find that it's relatively cheap to go to Thailand, especially in the summer time, but also in the winter, even though the prices are higher, it's a good place to go for a tropical get-away.

Rina, Canada
speakerMy favorite country is Lebanon because that's where my parents are from, and they immigrated to Canada and I was there last summer and it was amazing. It is one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen in my whole life and I hope to live there in a few years.

Kate, New Zealand
speakerMy favorite country, besides New Zealand, which is where I'm from, is France, especially Paris, which I've been to for one week. It was really beautiful, the ******, and you see the art museum, art galleries, and also I'd really like to go to the south of France, and see the countryside.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

in particular


I really loved Australia and in particular Melbourne city.

The phrase 'in particular'  draws our attention to the most important of many similar things or to show that we are not making a general statement, but rather a comment about a particular thing.  Notice the following:

  1. I love sports; tennis in particular.
  2. As a kid, William loved Man U.; in particular David Beckham.



Melbourne is a really dynamic, vibrant city.

Someone or something that is 'dynamic' is very exciting and energetic.  Notice the following:

  1. Shanghai has become the most dynamic city in China.
  2. Madonna's a lot older now, but she's still a very dynamic singer.



It's relatively cheap to go to Thailand.

We use the word 'relatively' to compare similar things. If I say that bananas are relatively cheap, it means that bananas are cheaper than other fruit. Alan thinks that it is cheaper to go to Thailand than other places.  Notice the following:

  1. Hondas are expensive, but they are relatively cheap compared to Mercedes Benz.
  2. Clothing is relatively cheap in the US. compared with other developed countries.

a tropical get-away


It's a good place for a tropical get-away.

A 'tropical get-away' is the dream vacation for many people. It usually includes beaches, palm trees, sunny weather and none of the daily stress we often deal with. People usually like to go on tropical get-aways during the winter months when it is cold where they live. Notice the following:

  1. It's been a stressful year.  I could use a tropical get-away.
  2. Some people prefer skiing in the mountains to a tropical get-away.



My parents are from Lebanon, and they immigrated to Canada.

When we 'immigrate,' we leave our home country forever to live in another country.  It's a very serious change.  Notice the following:

  1. With the exception of native Americans, the US is largely  a country of immigrants.
  2. My best friend immigrated from Algeria to France in 1997.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
in particular • dynamic • relatively
get-away • immigrate
  1. I'm short in my country, but tall in Peru.
  2. Many Mexicans to the United States every year.
  3. To teach young children you should be a very person.
  4. He plays many sports, but enjoys basketball .
  5. When you live on the beach you don't really need a tropical .