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Vocabulary Quiz
even • turned • surprise party
come of age • stinky
  1. You can smoke in this house when you .
  2. She started crying because her friends had a for her birthday.
  3. Fish is really sometimes.
  4. I ate a little bit of everything, the meat.
  5. This photos was taken the day I 10 years old.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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Mixer #69 When is your birthday?

Listen to six people talk about their birthday.

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  • Vocabulary



Even my family was there.

"Even" is used when something surprising or unexpected happens. Notice the following:

  1. The new Lady Gaga CD is great. Even my mother likes it!
  2. I've been to Paris twice. It was even better the second time.



I turned 10 years old.

Each birthday we turn one year older. See the examples below:

  1. This year I'll be turning 18.
  2. When I turned 17, I bought my first car.

surprise party


My best friend planned a surprise party for me.

When someone plans a surprise party for us, they invite guests but keep it a secret from us. When we arrive people shout "Surprise!" Here are two examples:

  1. Her parents gave her a surprise party for her 13th birthday. All her friends came
  2. I hate surprise parties. I can't plan what I want to wear.

come of age


I had just become of age.

We come of age when we are old enough to do something we couldn't do before. Coming of age happens at different times in different cultures. Notice the samples:

  1. When I came of age, my father taught me how to drive a car.
  2. In the past, many women married as soon as they came of age.



They usually throw something stinky.

Something that has a very bad smell is stinky. Here are some examples:

  1. My boss smokes a lot. His clothes are always stinky.
  2. The canal near our school gets a little stinky on hot days.