Niluka / Sri Lankaflaf

#1091 Do you throw out or hang on to old clothes?

Hello everyone, my name is Niluka and I'm from Sri Lanka my question for today is do I tend to throw out or hang on to my old clothes?

And I must say that I'm this crazy person who thinks that old is gold and hang onto my old clothes even if I think they don't fit me anymore I have this dream of losing weight and getting back into my old jeans so I hang onto them, but it gets stacked up in my closet so my mom -- I tell her just come and you know take over my closet and get rid of my old clothes cause I don't have the heart to throw them so yeah, that's what I do. I tell my mom or my sister to get rid of my old clothes when I want to get rid of them and they don't fit in my old closet anymore.

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