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#1092 What is your daily routine?

Silvia: Hi, I'm Silvia. I'm from Guatemala and I'm here today with Paul. You're from Korea right?

Paul: Yeah, South Korea, yes.

Silvia: What's your daily routine?

Paul: I normally wake up at about eight. When I don't have my first period I wake up and I go for breakfast. I really, you know, make a huge meal. Cause I really don't have lunch that often. And then I usually go to school, study, maybe library if I don't have classes and then dinner and then I go to gym and do some exercise to work out and then maybe a few drinks and go to sleep. Yeah! What about you?

Silvia: About the same, but I don't have too many classes now, so I only have to go to school three times a week, so normally when I don't have school I'll just wake up really late so it's kind of breakfast and lunch combined normally, and I've been trying to go to the gym, but I cannot make it. I'm too lazy. It's kind of a boring routine. Like waking up, and if I have to go to school, I go to school. I go back home, make dinner, homework, go to bed, that's it practically.

Paul: Fun.

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