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#1096 What qualities do you like in a restaurant?

Hi everyone, my name is Michael and I'm from Singapore and the question today is what qualities do I like in a restaurant?

The most important thing is good service and I like the waiter or waitress to have a very good smile because I think when I first sit on the table and then the waiter or waitress come and if they have a really great smile it puts everyone at ease. And I think that's how you start. Good service. It's a good smile. And generally, the food tastes better after that when service is good I mean. That's my experience, so I think that's important, most important quality Another one would be of course generous servings. I don't like restaurants -- I go to restaurants and I eat there and it's expensive and I go home hungry so that's very important. I need it to have a generous amount of food. Right?

Alright, so I think those two things is the most important. Thanks.

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