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1100 What do you think of backpackers?

JM: Hi, everyone, my name is JM and I'm from the Philippines.

Phuong: And I am Phuong. I am from Vietnam.

JM: And today's question is: what do you think of backpackers. So Phuong, what do you think of backpackers?

Phuong: I don't think it's bad to be a backpacker because I myself, once, I was a backpacker to go to like Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama. A lot of places in Japan, and because we are students we don't have much money so we spend, how do I say, safely, and like we save as much money as possible, and also we hire a very cheap hotel to stay for some nights, and it's good and I like the feeling to be myself, not depend on any others, people, something. And also, I think that backpackers, like, they are very , how do you say, adventurous. They like adventure, and they want to travel around and to, like, test life by their own and also, they want to like challenge themself. So I think it's good to be a backpacker. And you?

JM: Yeah, I think backpackers are pretty cool. I think they are very adventurous, and I've never actually done backpacking myself but that is how I would travel myself cause it's the cheapest way, and you probably get to see things that you don't normally see like the regular tourist tours, so yeah, I think backpacking is pretty good.

Phuong: Yeah, it's cool to be like a backpacker.

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