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Jamie talks about his country and his feelings about life back home.
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Todd: OK. Hello!

Jamie: Hi!

Todd: Hi! Can you introduce yourself please?

Jamie: My name is Jamie. I'm living here in Japan, and I'm from Canada.

Todd: OK. Where are you from in Canada?

Jamie: Vancouver, Canada, British Columbia.

Todd: Oh, nice. Were you born there?

Jamie: I was born in British Columbia, in Victoria.

Todd: OK.

Jamie: But I spent my adult working life in Vancouver and Japan.

Todd: OK. How long have you been in Japan?

Jamie: Let's see, four years right now, and a grand total of six years.

Todd: Wow. How much longer do you plan to stay in Japan?

Jamie: That's a good question. I ask myself that on a daily basis.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah. Me, too. OK. So we'll go ahead and pass on that one.... What do you think about Cananda?

Jamie: Canada is a great place. It's a..you know being Canadian of course. I'm pretty, fairly nationalistic about it, but it's not a perfect place, obviously. A lot of high taxes. Not always the job that you want is available but ultimately it's , you know, it's a pretty good place.

Todd: OK. So when you get gray and old, is Canada the place you'll settle down in?

Jamie: Settle down, that's kind of a hard call as well, but I certainly think of Canada as being a place I'd like to, I'd like to take it easy on a regular basis.

Todd: OK. Great. Thanks a lot Jamie.

Jamie: OK. My Pleasure.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

adult working life

I've spent my adult working life in Vancouver and Japan.

Your 'adult working life' is the time after you finish school when you have a job and are independent.  Notice the following:

  1. He began his adult working life at a bank.
  2. When are you going to start your adult working life?

grand total

I've lived in Japan for four years, and a grand total of six years.

The 'grand total' of something is the final amount that you have or do.  It is a combination of everything.  Notice the following:

  1. She has a grand total of 60 pairs of shoes.
  2. A grand total of 300 people came to the party.

on a daily basis

I ask myself that question on a daily basis.

If you do something 'on a daily basis' you do it every day.  Notice the following:

  1. He exercises on a daily basis.
  2. She calls me almost on a daily basis.

get gray and old

When you get gray and old, is Canada the place you'll settle down in?

'Get gray and old' is an informal friendly phrase that refers to the time in life when we have gray hair and are very old.  Notice the following:

  1. I never want to get old and gray.
  2. I plan to travel when I get gray and old.

hard call

Deciding where to settle down is a hard call as well.

A 'hard call' is a difficult decision to make.  Both of the options have positive and negative effects.  Notice the following:

  1. That must be a hard call to make.
  2. It's a hard call which is the better apartment.

Vocabulary Quiz

working life • grand total • daily basis
get gray • hard call
  1. Are you going to get plastic surgery when you and old?
  2. She was tired and had stress during most of her adult .
  3. That will be a really to make.
  4. My daughter learns new things on a .
  5. We need food for a of 50 guests.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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