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Kanade shares her feelings about her little sister and why they are close.
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Kanade: Hi, Todd.

Todd: How are you doing?

Kanade: Good, how are you?

Todd: Pretty good. Kanade, you talk about your little sister a lot.

Kanade: Yes, I like her. Her name is Asuka. She's a university student now. She's two years younger than I and we are so close so we see each other more than twice in a month.

People say we don't look like each other, we don't look similar, but sometimes we see, we look very similar in the pictures. She lives in Tokyo so we can have some coffee on the weekends or go shopping sometimes.

Todd: So what did you sister give you as your last birthday gift?

Kanade: Birthday gift? We don't really give the birthday gift instead but we give each other some small letter or something in normal day.

Todd: That's nice.

Kanade: Yeah, surprise.

Todd: Are you in contact with each other every day by e-mail

Kanade: Every day, almost every day or sometimes the phone.

Todd: Do you guys ever fight?

Kanade: Ah, not really. I really like her so always, when she always asks me something I always do that.

Todd: Wow! What a good big sister.

Kanade: I know that!

Todd: Wow! That's sweet. Well, if you're sister is listeing what would you like to tell
her right now.

Kanade: I'm always with you so, you can do whatever you want.

Todd: Oh, you're a nice sister. Thanks a lot Kanade.

Kanade: Thank you, Todd.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

little sister

You talk about your little sister a lot.

Your 'little sister' is a sister who is younger than you.  Notice the following:

  1. My little sister will be 18 years old next month.
  2. It was fun to grow up with a little sister.


My sister and I are close, and we see each other often.

In this case 'close' means something like friendly or intimate.  If you are close to someone they know about your life and your problems.  You feel comfortable with that person.  Notice the following:

  1. She is very close to her mother.
  2. We became really close after the business trip.

look like

People say we don't look like each other.

When you 'look like' someone you have similar features to that person.  Notice the following:

  1. My sister and I don't look alike at all.
  2. Everyone says my son looks like his father.


We don't give birthday gifts, but we give each other letters on normal days.

A 'letter' is something that you write on paper and then send to communicate with someone and tell them what is going on in your life.  Letters are not as common now because most people communicate through e-mail because it is much faster.  Notice the following:

  1. I think it's fun to receive letters.
  2. My parents saved all the letters from when they were first dating.

in contact with

Are you in contact with each other every day?

If you are 'in contact with' someone you communicate with them regularly or just know how to communicate with them if you want to.  Notice the following:

  1. I'm not really in contact with him anymore.
  2. Are you still in contact with your college friends?

Vocabulary Quiz

little sister • close • looks like
letters • in contact
  1. We promised to stay after we left camp.
  2. He everyone else in his family.
  3. She writes long every week telling all about her travels.
  4. My is taller than me now.
  5. He is to his twin brother.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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