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Phil talks about a Volcano he climbed when he was in Indonesia.
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Todd: So, Phil, what country would you like to talk about now?

Phil: I am going to talk about Indonesia. And specific, I am going to talk about Mt. Bromo. It's the highest point in Java. One of the biggest island, well the most highly populated island in Indonesia. Ah, last fall, around November, I made it to Bromo and, there's a very high mountain there, over 3,000 meters tall, called Mt. Semaru and I decided to hike this with my girlfriend, Sara. Let me tell you, it's quite a hike, 17 kilometers from the base camp, through a park, very beautiful park, lots of trees, good swimming hole really really nice area, especially in Indonesia, it's so developed, there's a lot of pollution there.

It was really nice to see some nature there, but when you get to the park, we started out around 2 o'clock in the morning, camped for the afternoon, because the best time to go to Semaru is at sunrise. So we started off around 2 o'clock with a few Indonesian fellows and about an hour into the trip one of those boys hurt their ankle so our friends were stopped but we didn't want to end our hike so we continued up the mountain, it's still pitch black, we have one flash light between the two of us, and the path starts to get very narrow, and as you approach the actual volcano, you start to see all these markers of where people have fallen off and died, so it's a little unnerving and you make sure you stay on the path and then you hit the volcano, and it's all primus stone, all ash, and you're walking at about a 45 degree incline.

It took us about 4, 3 to 4, hours to walk all the way up this mountain, and our oxygen was getting short. It's hard to get your footing because it's all ash, so you fall down, you're gasping for breath, you walk another 20 meters, you fall down, you gasp for breath more and more. Finally, we got to the top, and as it turned out, it was a really cloudy day and we couldn't see anything.

Phil: Ooh! That's too bad. Sounds like a good trip though.

Todd: Yeah, it was an experience.

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Last fall, around November, I made it to Bromo.

'Fall' is the season between summer and winter.  It is when all of the leaves on the trees turn color and fall off.  In the Northern Hemisphere fall is from September until November.  Notice the following:

  1. They are returning to school in the fall.
  2. Is fall your favorite season.


We have one flashlight between the two of us

To have one flashlight 'between' two people, means to have one flashlight for two people to share or use together.  Notice the following:

  1. Between all of us, we had made a little over $100.
  2. You can have one cookie to share between the two of you.


It's a little unnerving.

If a situation is 'unnerving' you don't have confidence in it and it makes you feel uncomfortable or irritated.  Notice the following:

  1. I haven't heard from him in a few days, which is unnerving.
  2. It was a little unnerving that the door was unlocked when I arrived home.


Gasping for breath.

To 'gasp' is to breathe really deeply.  You can gasp because you have done a lot of physical exercise and you are breathing quickly or because something surprised you.  Notice the following:

  1. She gasped when he told her had bought her a new car.
  2. When he arrived at the police station, he was gasping so hard he couldn't speak.

as it turned out

As it turned out, it was a really cloudy day.

We use 'as it turned out' to describe how a situation ended, what the end result was.  Notice the following:

  1. As it turned out, we didn't even go to the party because my wife got sick.
  2. I studied all night, but as it turned out, my exam was delayed until next week.


Vocabulary Quiz

fall • between • unnerving
gasping • turned out
  1. We divided the cost of dinner the four of us.
  2. He was for breath by the time he got to my house.
  3. The weather is perfect here in the .
  4. We had a lot of travel problems to start out with, but it to be a good trip.
  5. It is very when you don't call for a couple days.
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