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Personal Traits

Rebecca answers questions about her personality and work habits.

Todd: I thought we would talk a little bit about personality traits. So, I'm gonna give you a quiz.

Rebecca: Oh,God, I'll probably fail.

Todd: OK, the first one is, do you procrastinate? Are you a procrastinator?

Rebecca: Yes. For certain things. And also for study.

Todd: Oh, really.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Todd: Cause you're a student?

Rebecca: Yes. Yes. So. When I have study to do, it just more ahhhhh, there's other things that I could be doing.

Todd: Right, so if you have a paper or something, you wait till the night before?

Rebecca: Yeah. It's always last minute. I've heard that if you were a last minute person in high school, you will always be a last minute person throughout your life, so it doesn't leave much hope for me.

Todd: You're set for life.

Rebecca: Yep.

Todd: Next is, are you somebody who worries a lot?

Rebecca: Sometimes. Yes. Probably when I need to plan things. Yeah. Then I'll worry about if everything is OK, but other times it's just... I'll just go with the flow.

Todd: Go with the flow. Do you worry about things like money or do you worry about things like like the future or stuff like that? Or are you pretty much easy going and...?

Rebecca: I sort of do think about the future a bit and worry a little bit of you know, what's gonna happen, but other than that, no, I just see what happens. Money-wise, not really worry about it too much. I can't budget, so I don't worry about money.

Todd: OK, that last one is, what about details? Are you somebody who's really picky about detail?

Rebecca: Yes.

Todd: Yes.

Rebecca: Yes. I'm with paperwork. When something's written, or advertising things like that. At work, yeah, I was always very picky about the grammar or making sure that everything was in same font and lined up squarely so, yeah, but other than that, no.

Todd: Well, then, just lastly, are you good at planning? Do you like to plan things?

Rebecca: I do. Yeah, I've planned a holiday for my family over Christmas and New Years and that worked out really well, so yeah, I can plan things. Sometimes I plan like the future a bit too much, but yeah. Apart from that.

Todd: That's interesting. So in your real life, you're very organized and you plan, but in your student life, you procrastinate.

Rebecca: Yeah. Yeah. Completely two different lives I think.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson



Do you procrastinate?

When we 'procrastinate,' that means we wait to do something that we should do now, usually because we don't want to do it.  Notice the following:

  1. When it comes to studying, I always procrastinate.
  2. If you procrastinate, you won't have time later.

last minute


It's always last minute.

When we wait until the 'last minute' to do something, that means we have very little time to do it, so we need to hurry.  A person who waits until the last minute is a procrastinator.  Notice the following:

  1. I always wait until the last minute to study for a test.
  2. You shouldn't wait until the last minute.

set for life


You're set for life.

Someone who is 'set for life' has enough money to live the rest of their life. They do not need to work anymore.  Notice the following:

  1. Bill Gates is set for life.
  2. Win the lottery and you're set for life.

go with the flow


I'll just go with the flow.

When we 'go with the flow,' that means we accept a situation for the way it is and don't try to change things.  Notice the following:

  1. When I travel, I just go with the flow.
  2. At work, it's often better to go with the flow.



Money-wise, I don't worry about it.

A (noun) + the word 'wise' tells us what topic we are discussing.  Notice the following:

  1. Money-wise, Thailand's really a cheap place to visit.
  2. Culture-wise, Thailand's really interesting.

Vocabulary Quiz

procrastinate • last minute • set for life
the flow • fashion-wise
  1. I always turned in my final papers at the .
  2. If you you usually don't have enough time to do your best work.
  3. my clothes aren't the best, but they're really comfortable.
  4. He invented Facebook and now he's .
  5. If you decide to stay with a family you have to learn to go  with .
Answer the following questions about the interview.


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