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Greek Holiday

Hana talks to Daniel about a holiday she took with her family in Greece.

Daniel: So we're talking about holidays. Is there any really, really good holidays that you remember?

Hana: Well, one of my favourite holidays was when I went to Greece a couple of years ago with my family.

Daniel: Wow, Greece, I've never been there. How is it? Sounds really, really nice.

Hana: Greece is a very beautiful country. The houses are ... everything is so white and the beaches are so beautiful.

Daniel: So what did you do in Greece?

Hana: Mainly I just relaxed at the swimming pool and at the beaches. And at night time I went shopping with my mum. And we had some really nice food too.

Daniel: Oh, that sounds really interesting, like the perfect holidays. So you said you went with your family, right?

Hana: Yes, I went with my mum and dad and brother.

Daniel: And for how long did you go there?

Hana: We went for four days. And when we went there was a big football tournament. And so everybody was so happy and excited. And at night times everybody will start dancing. And so me and my brother, we would join and dance with them.

Daniel: Cool! So did you get to see any of those matches of the tournament?

Hana: Yes, I went to see one match with my dad and I had so much fun.

Daniel: Oh, it sounds really cool, like really nice holidays.

Hana: Yes, it was one of my best holidays.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

really, really

notesSounds really, really nice.

We sometimes say 'really, really' or 'very, very' to add extra emphasis. Notice the following:

  1. The party was really, really fun.
  2. That hotel is very, very expensive.

So (Start of a Comment)

notesSo what did you do in Greece?

Speakers often use 'So' at the start of a sentence or question to get the listener's attention. Notice the following:

  1. So, are you coming to the party?
  2. So, what do you want for dinner?

so + adjective

notesThe beaches are so beautiful.

We use 'so' to show that something is extra special or more than what we expect. Notice the following:

  1. This moving is so boring.
  2. My boss is so nice!

so much + noun (noncount)

notesI had so much fun.

Here, 'so much' means more than normally expected. Notice the following:

  1. There is so much crime in the city.
  2. It costs so much money.

and so

notesThere was a big football tournament. And so everybody was so happy

We use 'and so' to connect related events. It is used mainly in spoken English. In written English, we just use 'so'. Notice the following:

  1. It started to rain, and so we went inside (spoken)
  2. It started to rain, so we went inside. (written)

Vocabulary Quiz

and • much • really
nice • so
  1. , how was the party?
  2. It took so time.
  3. She called, so we talked.
  4. She is so .
  5. It was really, fun.

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