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Breakfast in Indonesia

Widuri talks about the foods she eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Indonesia.


Danu: Okay, Widuri. So you are from Indonesia.

Widuri: Yes.

Danu: So I would like to hear about some typical Indonesia food. Let's talk about breakfast.

Widuri: Breakfast. Okay. Let me see. Actually, Indonesian eat rice. We eat rice every day, three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But there is no specific and typical breakfast actually in Indonesia. For example, in my house, my mom will prepare both bread and rice. And sometimes, we also have porridge. But usually, people will prefer rice rather than bread. But then, we will eat that and drink milk every morning.

Danu: So what is your favorite breakfast?

Widuri: My favorite one, I prefer the lighter one, which is bread than strawberry jam, and of course, the milk.

Danu: Okay. I see. So what about lunch, Widuri, in Indonesia?

Widuri: But lunch, of course, I will eat rice. In cafeteria, at my school, we have a lot of menus, rice menus. For example, fried rice. That one is very famous in Indonesia. And then rice with curry, rice with soup, rice with chicken, fried chicken. There are a lot of menus actually in Indonesia. But basically, of course, we eat rice.

Danu: Okay. That's interesting. Do you have any snacks during the evening time?

Widuri: That's not really common actually. We don't really have snack time or tea time like that in Indonesia. But if you want to have snacks, then the snacks will be traditional foods from Indonesia like cakes.

Danu: So what kind of cakes are they?

Widuri: Wow. If I mention the name, it's probably hard to remember, but the name is like kue cubit. Do you know that food?

Danu: Kue cubit.

Widuri: Yeah.

Danu: That's interesting. That sounds very funny.

Widuri: Yeah. It is. The cake is very small. That's why we call it cubit. It's like you pinch the cake. So small but it's very sweet. You can have chocolate toppings or green tea toppings and strawberry jam on it.

Danu: I see. So Widuri, could you talk about dinner in Indonesia?

Widuri: Dinner. Hmm, actually, there are a lot of menus like pasta or rice again or other things. But for me and my family, we usually have fruits and salad for dinner. You know, it's healthy lifestyle.

Danu: I see. So Widuri, you said you usually eat rice for three times a day.

Widuri: Yes.

Danu: So do you eat the same rice with same side dishes or curry or soup?

Widuri: Yeah. Usually, my mom will cook every morning and then, she will cook again in the afternoon. But usually, same menu.

Danu: Okay. Widuri, so salad and some fruits. That's interesting. Is it normal in Indonesia? Could you talk a bit about the salad and the fruits?

Widuri: Yeah. Even though Indonesian eat rice three times a day, but my family prefers a healthier lifestyle such as salad and fruits.

My friends also do that, I think, because we don't want to get fat, and fruit and salads for dinner is the best way to keep your body slim. And we usually have salad without toppings. You know, sometimes, the toppings makes you fat.

Danu: So what kind of salads and what kind of fruits do you eat?

Widuri: Indonesian is tropical country. There are a lot of fruits like watermelon, apples, oranges. And then we also have srikaya. Do you know srikaya?

Danu: I have not heard about it before.

Widuri: Then it's fruit from Indonesia. Its name is srikaya. The shape is like pineapple but it has different taste, of course. It's not sour. It's sweet. Its name is srikaya.

And for salad, we eat the usual salad like lettuce and the tomatoes, something like that mixed with the fruits.

Danu: Oh, you mix the salad with the fruits.

Widuri: Yes, of course.

Danu: That's interesting. So what's your favorite fruit? I mean, fruit.

Widuri: My favorite fruits will be orange, I think.

Danu: Okay. Sounds like a healthy way to live.

Widuri: Yeah.

Danu: That's why you have such a nice slim figure.

Widuri: Yeah. Thank you.

Danu: You are welcome. Thank you very much.

Widuri: Thank you.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary


imageWe also have porridge.

Porridge is a hot breakfast meal made of cooked grains. Notice the following:

  1. I like butter and sugar in my porridge.
  2. You can make porridge with rice or oats.


imageIf I mention the name, it's probably hard to remember.

Mention means to say or talk about something briefly. Notice the following:

  1. He mentioned you are coming.
  2. Did she mention my name in the meeting?


imageYou pinch the cake.

When you pinch something, you squeeze it with two fingers. Notice the following:

  1. My mother loves to pinch my cheeks.
  2. Can you pinch an inch on your stomach?


imageMy family prefers a healthier lifestyle.

A lifestyle is the way people live thier lives. Notice the following:

  1. I like to watch The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
  2. He has an unhealthy lifestyle. He eats bad food and smokes.


imageWe usually have salad without toppings.

Toppings are small bits of food you put on food to make it tasty. Notice the following:

  1. What toppings do you like on pizza?
  2. Do you want toppings on your ice-cream?

slim figure

imageYou have such a nice slim figure.

A slim figure, or a trim figure, is a body with no fat and a nice shape. Notice the following:

  1. I am trying to get a slim figure.
  2. Most fashion models have a very slim figure.

Vocabulary Quiz

pinch • mention • porridge
toppings • lifestyle • slim figure
  1. Do put on your porridge?
  2. He lives a healthy .
  3. Did he where he lives?
  4. Would you like for breakfast?
  5. I diet because I want to keep a .
  6. You should add a of salt to the soup.

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