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Party Clean Up

Todd just had a party and he talks with Meg about all the things he needs to clean up in the house.

Meg: Hey, Todd. Are you busy today?

Todd: Yeah. I am so busy. Last night, I had a party and now my house is so dirty, and I need to clean my house.

Meg: Wow. Where will you start cleaning?

Todd: Well, everywhere in the house is dirty, so the kitchen is very dirty. The living room is dirty. But I think, first, I'll do the kitchen. I have to throw away all the old food. We have lots of trash from the party. And then I have to wipe the counters. We have food all over the counters. And then of course, I have to wash the dishes and put everything away.

Meg: Wow. It sounds like it was quite a party.

Todd: Yeah, it was. Well, we ordered pizza but also everybody brought food. And so, we had lots of food and everybody left their dishes and pots at my house after they went home. So I have everyone's dishes, and pots and plastic containers. So I feel I should clean everything and then give it back to everybody.

Meg: Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. Did anyone drop any food on the floor?

Todd: Yeah. Actually, they dropped food everywhere. So I have to vacuum the carpet in the living room and I need to mop the kitchen floor. So I think I need about three hours just to clean the entire house.

Meg: Oh, three hours? Can I help you clean?

Todd: Well, actually yeah, if you can, I really need help. But if you can just collect the trash. I have some trash bags and go around and collect all the plastic cups. There are many plastic cups, and collect pizza boxes and maybe get the old food and throw away the old food, that would be great.

Meg: Sure. I can collect the cups and throw away the old food. Is there anything else you need me to do?

Todd: Well yeah, actually. If you have time, can you go to the store and buy some cleaning supplies? I need dish soap to wash the dishes, and I need window cleaner to clean the windows.

Meg: But window cleaner? Why the windows?

Todd: Well, it was a very crazy party, and you don't want to know.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

throw away

I have to throw away all the old food.

When we throw things away, we put them in the trash. Notice the following:

  1. Did you throw away the boxes?
  2. I need to throw this away.


I have to wipe the counters.

We wipe things with a cloth or sponge, things like the windows, counter or floor. Notice the following:

  1. He wiped sweat off his face.
  2. Can you wipe the water off the table?


So I have to vacuum the carpet in the living room

You use a vacuum to vacuum the carpet, or clean the carpet. Notice the following:

  1. Did you vacuum the carpet?
  2. I just vacuumed the carpet yesterday.

That would be great

If you can throw away the old food, that would be great.

We use the phrase 'that would be great' to show we appreciate an offer for help. Notice the following:

  • I can help you with that.
  • That would be great.

cleaning supplies

Can you buy some cleaning supplies?

Cleaning supplies are things like dish soap, window cleaner and vacuum bags. Notice the following:

  • Where to you keep your cleaning supplies?
  • The cleaning supplies are under the sink.

you don't want to know

You don't want to know.

We use the phrase 'you don't want to know' when the answer to a question is embarrassing or shocking. Notice the following:

  • Why is Bob in the hospital?
  • You don't want to know!

Vocabulary Quiz

wipe • vacuum • throw away
great • want to know • cleaning supplies
  1. If you can help that would be .
  2. I need to the carpet.
  3. Can you the trash?
  4. Did you the counters?
  5. We need to buy some .
  6. What happened? You don't .

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