Grammar Focus

Beginner Level 5

These listening activities feature natural conversations that cover grammar and language points for beginner students.
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Why Todd has many computers.
Sarah Todd
Sarah talks about making soup.
Sarah Todd
6 people discuss their housing.
Meg Todd
Todd asks Darcy to a party.
Darcy Todd
What would you do if you were rich? Six people share thoughts.
Monica talks about living a healthy life.
Monica Todd
Common phrases with a noun clause. It is what it is!
Darcy Todd
Two college students share what talents they wish they had.
Gyri Viyasan
Meg talks about what she needs to do for her wedding.
Meg Todd
Two people share what they'd like to do over in their life.
Sarah Todd


Free Books - Beginner Level 1

Grammar Talks (elllo) - Coming Soon

Sound Grammar
Sound Grammar - answer key

Sound Grammar by elllo

Listen to short animated conversations that use key grammar points.

01 Coordinating Conjunctions
5.01 Coordinating Conjunctions
Talks with FANBOYS

02 Subordinating Conjunctions
5.02 Subordinating Conjunctions (1)
Talks with time words

03 Subordinating Conjunctions
5.03 Subordinating Conjunctions (2)
Talks giving reasons

04 Subordinating Conjunctions
5.04 Subordinating Conjunctions (3)
Short talks using conditionals

05 Correlative Conjunctions
5.05 Second Conditional
Listen to four short conversations.

1247 Work from Abroad
5.06 Adjective Clause
Where's the party?

1247 Work from Abroad
5.07 Noun Clause
Four short conversations

1247 Work from Abroad
5.08 Projected Speech
Hear for three short conversations

1247 Work from Abroad
5.09 Present Perfect - Time
A change reunion with old friends.

1247 Work from Abroad
5.10 Past Conditional
People talk about regrets.

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