ESL Listening Lessons of Natural Conversations - CEFR A1

Low Beginner - Level 1 Listening

ESL students can learn English with lessons featuring audio or video, a script, interactive quiz and vocabulary activities.

Grammar Conversations - Animated

1504 Love it / Hate it
Sound Grammar - High Beginner (A1)
25 Conversations that teach speciifc grammar.

Grammar Talks - ELLLO Style!

59 Thai Food
A1-01 Meet the Teacher (Be verbs)
Learn about the teacher and the site
59 Thai Food
A1-02 Colors! (Be verbs)
Two teachers talks about the colors of life.
59 Thai Food
A1-03 Likes and Favorites
Thiings people like and dislike.
59 Thai Food
A1-04 Daily Routines
Two people discuss their weekend routines.
59 Thai Food
A1-05 Do you cook much?
Two people discuss colors and things with them.
59 Thai Food
A1-06 My Family
Katies talks about people in her family.
59 Thai Food
A1-07 Adjectives
Two people discuss their hometowns.
59 Thai Food
A1-08 Days of the week
Two people talk about their week.
59 Thai Food
A1-09 Subject Pronouns
John talks about his family.
59 Thai Food
A1-10 Object Pronouns
Two people discuss meeting family.
59 Thai Food
A1-11 Demonstrative Pronouns
Two people compare clothes and their watches.
59 Thai Food
A1-12 Adjectives and Adverbs
Living in Japan and Thailand.
59 Thai Food
A1-13 Months and Holidays
Meg and Todd talk about American holidays.
59 Thai Food
A1-14 Ordinals
Two teachers talk about their school schedule.
59 Thai Food
A1-15 Telling Time
Two people talk about when they do things.
59 Thai Food
A1-18 Nationaliteis and Languages
Two people discuss the languages and places.

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