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The Future of TV

Mark and Todd talk the latest in television technology and what the future may be like.
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Todd: So actually we talked a little bit about TVs in the past, what about TVs of the future? Nowadays you can watch television on this very tiny screens, like the ipod video. What do you think about that?

Mark: Right. I've just seen one of them for the first time. I think they're fantastic. They're really great. Yeah, especially when traveling. But the future of TV, I was listening to an interviewer a few nights ago with Bill Gates and he's going to try and move from computers to TV - interactive TV - and this sounds good. Yeah, TV of the future. Sounds great.

Todd: So what was he saying about interactive TV?

Mark: He was talking about if it was a quiz show you could actually join in with the quiz and answer the questions, or if you were watching the Olympics then you could actually choose which events you wanted to watch, so sometimes if they are showing the olympics on TV they'll show running and then maybe they'll show swimming and maybe they'll show archery. If you didn't want to watch swimming you could choose your schedule and what to watch.

Todd: Wow, that would be cool.

Mark: Yeah, and also for sports you could maybe choose your own sports team, which would be good.

Todd: Yeah, I actually saw another thing on TV in the future, and they we're saying because of what is happening now about buying television shows over the internet that soon there will be TV with no commercials. You just buy the program for one dollar and then you watch it without commercials

Mark: Yeah, that would be fun, yeah. That would be good. Hopefully, I want them to see them actually, I know they do a little bit, but I'd like it so you can hook up your PC to your TV as well. I know you can a little bit, so download things on your PC and then watch on the TV.

Todd: So when we're old and grey we'll be able to tell our children "In our day, we actually had to get up and turn the knob."

Mark: Right, but it's not so long ago. Only what - 10 years, 15 years ago?

Todd: I know. It's crazy.

Mark: Things are moving fast.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

a few nights ago


I was listening to an interviewer a few nights ago with Bill Gates.

A 'few nights ago' means a couple of nights in the past.

Notice the following:

  1. I bumped into him a few nights ago, and he was looking very well.
  2. A few nights ago I felt very ill, but I feel okay now.

interactive TV


What was he saying about interactive TV?

'Interactive TV' is television that people can react to and interact with. It is a new technology.

Notice the following:

  1. I think interactive TV is a great invention it will make TV a lot more interesting.
  2. My friend was involved in the design of interactive TV.

hook up your PC


I'd like it so you can hook up your PC to your TV as well.

To 'hook up your PC' means that you connect it to something such as a power source or another electrical appliance. 

Notice the following:

  1. Make sure that you hook up your PC properly.
  2. Can you please help me to hook up my PC, as I have no idea what I am doing?

when we're old and grey


When we're old and grey we'll be able to tell our children "In our day, we actually had to get up and turn the knob."

'When we're old and grey' is used to introduce a prediction that you will make about the future. When you are old and grey, you are old.

Notice the following:

  1. Do you think we will still be friends when we're old and grey?
  2. When we're old and grey, there will be all sorts of new technologies.

things are moving fast


It's not long ago. Only what - 10 years, 15 years ago but things are moving fast.

When things are moving fast it means that they are progressing at a quick pace.

Notice the following:

  1. He has asked me to marry him already; things are moving fast.
  2. Things are moving fast in computers.


Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
don't mind • knob • stick with
flicking • program
  1. It drives me crazy the way that he is always the remote. Just pick something.
  2. When you constantly change the channel, then you don't focus on the whole .
  3. You will probably have to classes for a few months before you notice any change.
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