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#1031 Where is a good place for a first date?

Jingwei: Hi, I'm Jingwei.

Joseph: I'm Joseph.

Jingwei: And we're both from Singapore, and this is for elllo.org, and today our question is what's a good place for a first date in Singapore?

Joseph: Wow, OK, that's a tricky question. Well, what do girls think is the most important thing for the first date?

Jingwei: For me, personally, good conversation, definitely. Some one who is funny enough to impress me. So a good place might be somewhere where you can actually hear each other, so no, not clubs, possibly the Esplanade Park.

Joseph: Yeah, I quite like Esplanade. There are interesting places there like the cookie museum which is quite a novel experience actually, because they have cookies with a lot of local flavors as well as exotic flavors, so you could have some interesting conversations about the place. As for me, I prefer Clark Quay because it's some place that's rather quite.

Jingwei: It's by the river.

Joseph: Yeah, Singapore river is one of the most scenic locations we have in our little country

Jingwei: Yeah.

Joseph: Nice joints we can grab a bite, so I recommend Clark Quay. It's Esplanade for you Jingwei?

Jingwei: Yep. Lucky for you, right.

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