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#1035 What is your favorite Chinese dish?

Jingwei: Hi, I'm Jingwei.

Joseph: I'm Joseph.

Jingwei: We are both from Singapore and this is for ell.org. Today's question is: What's your favorite Chinese dish?

Joseph: Well, OK, a Chinese dinner would normally have about eight to ten courses, and out of them I guess my favorite dish would be broccoli with scallops. What about you, Jingwei?

Jingwei: That's kind of boring, no? I like longevity noodles.

Joseph: Longevity?

Jingwei: Yeah, it's called ei-mien. And they usually come in one long strand, one long continuous strand, and it's supposed to symbolize like never-ending life.

Joseph: And I don't get that in my dinners. So I guess a shorter life for me if you believe the Chinese. I like scallops and broccoli because scallops are awesome and broccoli is just about the only vegetable I eat. So yeah, together they make a pretty good mix, and that's why it's my favorite Chinese dish.

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