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#1033 What is your ideal day off?

Geaw: Hello, this is the video for, and my name is Geaw from Thailand.

Shon: And my name is Shon from Uzbekistan.

Geaw: Yep, the question is what is the ideal way to spend the day?

Shon: Well, good question. My ideal day off … how do I spend? Well, I wake up. I don't want to really wake up early in the morning. I take some time for sleeping. Probably I wake up at ten or eleven o'clock. And I would prefer to go out for lunch with my friends, and after then probably three, four o'clock, I would prefer to go for a park to play badminton or to play soccer, basketball with my friends, and after that probably going to swimming to the pool and have a rest, enjoy, but sometimes go a walk with my dog.

Geaw: You are very outgoing.

Shon: Yep.

Geaw: And like for me, it will be like, I should just wake up early in the morning, make myself a cup of coffee finish some books and like play with my dogs. Like let things go slowly. No worries. I just don't have to think about anything outside of my house at all, something like that.

Shon: Oh, so you prefer spending your time inside the house?

Geaw: Yeah, in my space.

Shon: Alright, that's cool.

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