Pernais / Jamaica flaf Doron / England flaf

Pernais: Hi, I'm Pernais from Jamaica.

Doron: And I'm Doron from England.

Pernais: And our question is what is an ideal day off?

Doron: My ideal day off for me would always start with sleeping. I don't sleep enough and I love sleeping, so sleeping until PM and then something involving probably reading and some exercise and maybe being outside in good weather. How about you?

Pernais: Pretty much the same. I think and I do a day off as one where you get to sleep until you feel like you can't sleep any more and after that you get up, you do something fun like go eat with some friends who hopefully have a day off as well.

Doron: So sleeping and food with friends?

Pernais: Yes. Sleeping and food. Two very important things.

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