Miki / Nigeria flaf

Hello, I'm from Nigeria and I'm Miki.

Today I want to introduce myself to you guys. I'm Miki Babalola from Nigeria and those states in particular.

Actually I grew up in Lagos and I love sports and activities, besides I love lifting weights and anything that has to do with the gym. I love playing soccer. I love wrestling. I love anything that has to do with physical sport but not only combat aspects because I really (....) to combat.

I like studying but I don't like reading that's the funny aspect of it too that I would like to see but we all read studies for our education aspect of it, but reading I'm no good at it.

Videos, oh my goodness. I love watching movies especially cartoons and again I love things that I like doing singing, dancing is my hobby. I love doing those. I can dance for twenty four hours of the day, singing and enjoying myself listening to music. Thank you very much.

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