Resse and Tlotlo/ Botswana flaf

Tlotlo: Hi, my name is Tlotlo, I'm from Botswana.

Reese: And I'm Reese and I'm from Botswana as well.

Tlotlo: OK, we are going to talk about what junk food do you like to eat?

Reese: I think my favorite is chocolate. I'll buy one chocolate and maybe jelly babies. I really love (....) stuff.

Tlotlo: It's going to be pizza for me. I love pizza. I can just live...

Reese: What kind of pizza?

Tlotlo: Oh, gosh, I have so many different types that I like but for now I think I'll settle for bacon.

Reese: My favorite is chicken and mushroom.

Tlotlo: Too simple for me. Basically that's about it.

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