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Clean Freak

Akane discusses her cleaning routine.
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Todd: So, Akane, what did you do today?

Akane: Ah, today I cleaned my apartment.

Todd: Sounds fun!

Akane: It was actually. I really like cleaning cause I only get one day a week to do it, and my apartment gets clean.

Todd: So when you clean your apartment how long does it take you to clean everything?

Akane: Well, let's see, I started around 7:30 in the morning and then I probably finished around 10:30.

Todd: 3 hours!

Akane: Yeah!

Todd: That's a long time.

Akane: Well, I do a lot of cleaning.

Todd: Man!

Akane: And that includes laundry, actually.

Todd: So for your laundry, do you use the laundry mat down the street?

Akane: No, I use my own laundry machine, and I hang it up to dry.

Todd: Wow! But when you do that you can't get that nice soft feel from the clothes.

Akane: Well, no but I save money!

Todd: That's true! I feel bad about using the laundry mat cause I guess it wastes energy, but I just love
how the dryers make your clothes really soft and warm and there's no wrinkles and it's done.

Akane: I agree. Mm, for sure. I wish I had a dryer

Todd: So do you iron your clothes for work?

Akane: I do, yeah, I always iron my clothes. I do my washing on Saturdays and I do my ironing on Sundays.

Todd: Oh, man, you're regimented.

Akane: Yeah, I am.

Todd: You got it down. You know I never iron my shirts.

Akane: You never iron!

Todd: No, I just take them out of the dryer, and that's close enough, and then usually when I put them on, they kind of stretch.

Akane: Well, I guess so and if you're wearing a jacket over it, then you can't really see.

Todd: Yeah, plus I'm a teacher and teachers don't have to look sharp.

Akane: I guess so. Yeah!

Todd: Hey, so, what are your plans for tomorrow?

Akane: Tomorrow? Well, my ironing of course, and I'm a teacher and I have markings so, I'll do some markings, cause I have to mark some essays.

Todd: Oh, that sounds awful!

Akane: Yeah, but it has to be done.

Todd: Yeah, but on the weekend! I try not to bring work home. I just don't like to do it. On the weekend, I feel you should energize yourself and just rest and relax.

Akane: I agree, but this week I couldn't help it cause we were so busy.

Todd: So, why were you busy this week?

Akane: Well, we had so much work to do, and I gave them out an essay, and I got those essays back,
so I have to mark those.

Todd: Hey, have you been giving your students tests?

Akane: Uh, just little quizzes once in awhile.

Todd: Yeah, I have to give my students a test but I don't know what to test them on.

Akane: Yeah, that is always a hard part.

Todd: Do you give easy tests or hard tests?

Akane: Well, the quizzes are quite easy, but I think they find it to be quite hard.

Todd: Yeah, students always say, "It's difficult!"

Akane: Yeah!

Todd: "It's difficult!" Well, enjoy your marking tomorrow!

Akane: Thanks.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!


For your laundry, do you use the laundry mat down the street?

A 'laundromat' is a public place where you can go to wash and dry your clothes. Notice the following:

  1. The washing machine is broken, but there is a laundromat around the corner.
  2. I try to go to the laundromat every weekend.

iron or ironing

I always iron my clothes; I do my ironing on Sundays.

A 'iron' is a machine with a hot piece of metal that you use for flattening the wrinkles out of clothes. It is also a verb that means using this machine to get the wrinkles out. Notice the following:

  1. I hate ironing, so I usually only do it when I have no clothes to wear.
  2. You should probably iron those pants before you wear them.


You do that? Oh, man, you're regimented.

When you are 'regimented' about doing something, it means that you are very organized and disciplined about the way that you do it. Notice the following:

  1. The program that she is in is very regimented.
  2. I have to function on a regimented schedule or I won't get everything done.

look sharp

I'm a teacher, and teachers don't have to look sharp.

You 'look sharp' when you are well dressed and look presentable and professional. Notice the following:

  1. He always looks very sharp, even when he is just relaxing.
  2. It's important that you look sharp for your interview tomorrow.


I'm a teacher, so I'll do some markings, because I have to mark some essays.

Here, 'do some markings' means 'correct some papers.' Notice the following:

  1. She gave me a whole stack of marking to finish by tomorrow.
  2. I have some markings that I need to do before I can do anything else.


On the weekend, I feel you should energize yourself and just rest and relax.

When you 'energize' yourself, you give yourself more energy and excitement about something. Notice the following:

  1. I need a 15 minute nap to energize myself.
  2. Citrus is a good way to energize yourself.

Vocabulary Quiz

laundromat • iron • regimented
sharp • marking • energize
  1. Going to boarding school got him used to a schedule.
  2. I try to my clothes the night before I plan to wear them.
  3. He usually has a disorganized appearance, but he looked very at the wedding.
  4. It's always a good idea to bring a book to the if you plan to wash clothes alone.
  5. Stretching first thing in the morning is a good way to your body.
  6. I try to do of tests right away.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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