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Todd and Nitiya discuss movies.
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Nitiya: OK, so something about fun, actually what kind of movies do you like?

Todd: Um, well, let's see, I like. I love comedy movies, and for me the most important thing about a movie is, does it have good dialog, does it have good writing, so I don't care about special effects, and stuff like that. It just doesn't interest me, and actually I don't like big Hollywood movies (OK) I think they're terrible.

Nitiya: Terrible!

Todd: Yeah. (OK) What kind of movies do you like?

Nitiya: I guess a lot of adventure, like the movie like "Star Gate" and The beach" and, and "The Beach" was not good but, I like something which is so different, something which is about the universe, or something which is about rockets and stuff like that.

Todd: So you like movies that re quire... (detective movies also)... and what?

Nitiya: Detective.

Todd: Oh, detective movies. (Yeah) So you like movies that require imagination?

Nitiya: Exactly.

Todd: Now, since we're talking about movies, India has a very big movie industry, Bollywood, (Yeah) do you like the Bollywood movies?

Nitiya: It's great. (Yeah) Awesome. Yeah. I guess a lot of people in the whole world like it a lot.

Todd: Bollywood, they always have so many people, like the thing is, where do they get all those actors?

Nitiya: Lots of actors, so much drama, and I guess a lot of music and dancing and it's just so different from Hollywood movies, so I guess for the reality, I prefer the Hollywood movie and if you just want to have some fun, it would be Bollywood movies.

Todd: So, how often would you watch Bollywood and how often do you watch English?

Nitiya: Whatever I get.

Todd: whatever you get.

Nitiya: I just love movies. I'm crazy behind movies.

Todd: You're addicted to movies?

Nitiya: Very much.

Todd: OK, you know in the states when you go to the movies, it's always coke, popcorn, hot dog. When you go to movies in India, what's the food that you eat?

Nitiya: Ok, coke is always there.

Todd: Right.

Nitiya: And yeah, something like chips or potato chips or anything you get in your hands. Basically I don't like getting disturbed when I'm watching a movie. I'm a person who likes watching a movie very quietly. I don't like watching with friends. I mean, I prefer going who also like watching movies quietly. I mean there are some people in the world, they sit for the movie and they go, oh, this is going to happen next and things like that. I get so irritated. Let me watch it, concentrately.

Todd: Right, I hate that.

Nitiya: I really want to do it quietly, peacefully. I just want to watch the movie. Not talk to the person sitting behind me.

Todd: Ah, I totally agree. And I want to see the beginning, and I want to see the end.

Nitiya: Exactly.

Todd: And no interruptions

Nitiya: Once I begin I really want to go till the end. (Right) I can't stop it in the middle and say, "Oh, oh."

Todd: Yeah, which do you prefer, watching it at the cinema, or on DVD at home?

Nitiya: At home.

Todd: At home. So nobody bothers you?

Nitiya: Yep.

Todd: Right. Yeah, same thing. OK, thanks, Natiya.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


The most important thing about a movie is, does it have good dialog.

The 'dialog' in a movie is the conversation between the characters.  Notice the following:

  1. The special effects were amazing, but the dialog was horrible.
  2. The actors talked so fast I could barely understand the dialog.


I like something which is so different, something which is about the universe, or something which is about rockets.

In this case, 'universe' refers to the Earth and space around it.  It includes people, places, the moon, stars, etc.  Notice the following:

  1. The creature looked like something from another universe.
  2. Where in the universe does the movie take place?


Detective movies.

A 'detective' is an investigator who works to solve crimes or find information.  Notice the following:

  1. When he was young he always wanted to be a detective.
  2. There is a detective working on the murder case right now.


I guess for the reality, I prefer the Hollywood movie.

'Reality' is something that is or appears to be real.  When talking about a movie, this may be believable special effects.  Notice the following:

  1. The reality of the scene made it seem possible.
  2. The costume and make up created an amazing sense of reality.


I get so irritated

'Irritated' is similar to annoyed, frustrated or angry, although it is not as strong as angry.  Notice the following:

  1. The sound of an alarm clock is very irritating.
  2. Tommy, don't irritate your sister.

Vocabulary Quiz

dialogue • universe • detective
reality • irritate
  1. That buzzing sound is starting to me.
  2. Listen to the between the two speakers.
  3. In , the price of gas is going to continue to rise .
  4. Maybe you could play and solve the mystery .
  5. I wonder if there is any other intelligent life in the .
Answer these questions about the interview.

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