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Signs of the Stars

Deanne talks about astrology and what people's signs say about them.

Todd: So, Deanne, you are saying that you can, now you can look at someone and tell what sign they are -- their horoscope sign?

Deanne: I can't look at somebody but I can speak with them and a lot of their characteristics and how they think. I can try. Usually I'm right but I'm not a gypsy or a fortune teller but I can usually pretty much predict it. Yeah.

Todd: It's pretty amazing because earlier you said that you could guess my sign and we gave you a couple hours and you did it.

Deanne: Yes. Yes.

Todd: And you guessed that I'm a Libra.

Deanne: Yes.

Todd: So how did you know that I'm a libra?

Deanne: Well, pretty much I was speaking with you and I knew that you were either a Virgo or a Libra at the beginning because of your personality. You're very mysterious but I can also tell that, for example, outside you show confidence but inside you're very, very sensitive, so and that was one thing, "So he's either a Libra or a Virgo" but then when I spoke with you later I noticed that you were very, how would I say, you thought a lot, you're pondering a lot of things, and Libra's are very, very, how would I say -- they think a lot and they can't easily make decisions. They like it when other people help them make decisions.

Todd: Really.

Deanne: So they usually need that. Yeah. So that's why with all those things, I was able to guess.

Todd: And what's your sign?

Deanne: My sign is Taurus but I was a lot more Taurus in the past but with time I'm moving away from that cause I've got other influences like Scorpion and Gemini so I have a lot of those influences too.

Todd: OK, so what is a Taurus person?

Deanne: A Taurus person is very, very -- they love stability and comfort. They love comfort in life, food, sleep, friends, family, the shelter the house. They don't like moving around too much. They don't like changing. They don't like flying from one thing to the other. They like pretty much stability and if they don't have that stability they get very stressed and depressed.

Todd: Wow, you seem to know a lot. Well, OK.

Deanne: Friends are going to start calling me. Who is this crazy nut?

Todd: We're gonna make some money off of this.

Deanne: Maybe. I don't know.

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Can you just look at someone and tell what their horoscope sign is?

Your 'horoscope' is a prediction of what will happen in the future and what you should do or not do for the best outcome. When you look up your horoscope, it is usually listed by the time of year you were born. Notice the following:

  1. Let me read you your horoscope. What's your sign?
  2. I can't believe you read your horoscope every day.


Usually I'm right, but I'm not a gypsy.

In this case, 'gypsy' is used to refer to a stereotypical image of a gypsy with long skirts, lots of jewelry and a crystal ball. Traditional gypsies don't have a stationary home; they just move from one place to another. Notice the following:

  1. Maybe it's time for you to stop being such a gypsy and settle down a bit.
  2. He was kind of a gypsy until he got married and had kids.

fortune teller

I'm not a fortune teller but I can usually pretty much predict it.

A 'fortune teller' is a person who makes money by telling other people what will probably happen to them in the future. Sometimes a fortune teller reads cards or your hand. Notice the following:

  1. She goes to see a fortune teller a few times a year to give her direction in her life.
  2. His aunt is actually a fortune teller.


If you think a lot or you're pondering a lot of things, I'd say you're a Libra.

If you 'ponder' something, you think about it very hard and attentively. Notice the following:

  1. I don't really know my answer right now. I will have to ponder this a little bit and tell you later.
  2. He is always pondering new ideas to make money fast.


Taurus people don't like changes, because they love stability and comfort.

When you have 'stability' in your life, it means that your situation is reliable and doesn't change too much without you expecting it. Notice the following:

  1. A good job will give you a sense of stability, and then you can stop stressing out about all these little things.
  2. She finally gave up traveling, because she was ready for some stability in her life.

Vocabulary Quiz

horoscope • gypsy • fortune
ponder • stability
  1. I'm going to give you a few days to your answer. I don't want you to feel rushed.
  2. Once she has a professional job she won't be able to dress like a anymore.
  3. The only thing this talks about is your love life.
  4. Cats don't like to get moved from one house to another. They need some .
  5. Do you believe that tellers can actually see the future?
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