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Jeans Part 1

Mariel continues her discussion about jeans and the styles she likes to wear.

Todd: Before musicians like you said used to wear ripped jeans. Jeans with big holes or rips in them.

Mariel: Oh, yeah, that was in the 80's.

Todd: OK, maybe that was my generation. So that's not popular anymore?

Mariel: Some people like to wear ripped jeans, yeah, still, but mainly the rips are quite neat, so they're usually ripped a little bit around the pockets or around the cuffs, you know the bottoms, Yeah

Todd: OK, yeah. That sounds like designer jeans. Maybe then like.... are they specifically made just for that style?

Mariel: Well, yeah. Actually, quite often the jeans you buy in the store are already ripped or already worn so they look like they're old but they are brand new.

Todd: But designer jeans can be really expensive, right?

Mariel: Oh, they can be very expensive but people are willing to pay the money because they're designer jeans. They're cool.

Todd: Well, how much do you pay for jeans?

Mariel: I can pay up to 120 Euros for jeans.

Todd: A hundred and twenty Euros.

Mariel: Yeah.

Todd: That's a lot of money.

Mariel: It's a lot of money, yeah, especially because I'm a student but I'm willing to put the money into it if the jeans fit very well.

Todd: Just, lastly about jeans, these days there's many different colors. You have the light blue jeans, or the darker blue jeans. Which colors do you like to wear?

Mariel: That depends on the time of the year actually. In the summer I like to wear light blue jeans and then in the winter I sometimes wear black jeans or really dark blue jeans.

Todd: Oh, that's interesting. So you change the color by season?

Mariel: Yeah, generally I think I wear more darker clothes in the winter.

Todd: Well, just off hand, how many jeans do you think you have? How many pairs do you have at home?

Mariel: I think I have about eight or nine pairs.

Todd: That's a lot.

Mariel: That's a lot but actually, I use only two pairs of them.

Todd: Your favorites?

Mariel: Yeah, my favorite jeans. And they're baggy.

Todd: OK, thanks Mariel.

Mariel: You're welcome. My pleasure.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

in the 80's


That was in the 80's.

The 80's is a time expression that talks about the years 1980-89.  Notice the following:

  1. I graduated college in the 80's.
  2. Coffee shops really became popular in the 80's.

the cuffs


They're ripped around the cuffs.

Cuffs are the bottoms of our pants.  Notice the following:

  1. I need to have the cuffs shortened.
  2. The cuffs are to long.

brand new


They look old but they're brand new.

Brand new means very new.  We often use the term the first time we wear something.  Notice the following:

  1. Those jeans look brand new.
  2. Brand new jeans are not comfortable.

put the money into it


I'm willing to put money into it.

When we put money into something that means we invest in it.  Notice the following:

  1. If it looks good, I'll put money into it.
  2. It's too old to put money into it.

eight or nine pairs


I have eight or nine pairs.

Pairs come in twos. For example, a pair of shoes, glasses, earrings, etc.  Notice the following:

  1. Imelda just bought 4 new pairs of shoes.
  2. I need a new pair of glasses.

Vocabulary Quiz

in the 80's • the cuffs • brand new
put money into • three pairs
  1. Be careful when you wash that shirt because it's .
  2. Were you born ?
  3. I don't know if I should this old car.
  4. She has of black glasses, but they are all a little different.
  5. Roll up your pants or your will get wet.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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