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Tampa, Florida

Mike talks about living in Florida and what is nice and not nice about it.
Mari: Hey, Mike, how's it going?

Mike: Good! How are you?

Mari: I'm alright. So you're from Florida right?

Mike: Well, actually, I went to college in Florida.

Mari: Why did you choose Florida?

Mike: Well, the weather is similar to Hawaii, where I'm from, and I also got a scholarship to play soccer.

Mari: Oh, wow, so you play soccer.

Mike: Yeah, I played midfield for my college for four years.

Mari: Wow, you must be really good.

Mike: I don't know about that.

Mari: Where was your university?

Mike: It was in the Tampa Bay area, right on the bay, on Tampa Bay, and it's surrounded by the city of Tampa and Clearwater.

Mari: So what is there to do in Tampa Bay?

Mike: There's a lot of things. You can go fishing, boating, sailing, or kayaking. We used to do all of that when I was there.

Mari: Wow, sounds like a really great city.

Mike: Yeah, it was really fun if you like the outdoors type of thing.

Mari: Do you think it's the best city in Florida?

Mike: Yeah, I think it's a good location. It's right in the middle of Florida so you can go to Miami. It's a few hours away drive, or to Orlando, that has Disneyworld.

Mari: Wow. Sounds like a really great place. Can you tell me about the weather?

Mike: The weather's really nice in Florida most of the year, which is one reason why I went from Hawaii but in the summer time it gets really hot and when it gets hot you really need air-conditioning, but that's not problem.

Mari: Does it rain?

Mike: Actually in the summertime, there's really bad lighting storms. It's always... It lasts for about half an hour but it's always between three and five o'clock in the evening.

Mari: Sounds pretty scary?

Mike: Yeah, but when you're inside it's OK. It's kind of cool to watch.

Mari: Is there something you don't like about Florida?

Mike: The only thing I don't like is the bugs. There's so many bugs, especially during summer time. And really scary ants, and bugs you can't even see and they end up biting you.

Mari: Wow. Sounds pretty scary.

Mike: Yeah, but as long as you have bug repellant when you go outside in the summer, there's no problem.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson



I got a scholarship to play soccer.

A 'scholarship' is an amount of money given to someone by a school or organization to help pay for their education.  Notice the following:

  1. I'm on a football scholarship.
  2. She won a full scholarship to Harvard.

half an hour


It lasts for about half an hour.

'Half an hour' is a time expression that means 30 minutes.  Notice the following:

  1. I'll be back in a half an hour.
  2. The show starts in half an hour.



There's so many bugs.

'Bug' is an informal name for an insect.  Notice the following:

  1. The bugs drove us crazy.
  2. She's scared of crawly bugs.

end up


They end up biting you.

The phrase 'end up' describes the situation or result that follows an action, event or activity.  Notice the following:

  1. We ended up staying in a hotel.
  2. I often end up falling asleep when I read.



As long as you have bug repellent, it's no problem.

'Repellent' is a substance that keeps insects away. In this case, it's a liquid we rub on our skin.  Notice the following:

  1. Don't forget the insect repellent.
  2. You need insect repellent at night.

Vocabulary Quiz

scholarship • half an hour • bugs
ended up • repellent
  1. We need to buy sunscreen and insect for the trip.  You know how I hate bugs and sunburn.
  2. We tried to sleep outside, but we renting a hotel room.
  3. It takes about a to get there.
  4. She loves camping, but she hates .
  5. He got a to an excellent music school.
Answer the following questions about the interview.


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