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Cool Spots

Mari talks about her favorite places to hang out in New York City.
Mike: Hey, Mari, so you said New York was very diverse. What parts or neighborhoods do you like?

Mari: I really like Soho because there's lots of great shopping to do. Really small shops and really cute restaurants and cafes and then if I'm lucky sometimes when I'm walking around or eating I see like movie stars, so recently before I moved back to Japan I was shopping on Broadway and I say Claire Danes with her boyfriend. It was pretty cool.

Mike: So, I always hear about Central Park. Can you tell me about Central Park?

Mari: Yeah, Central Park is obviously in the middle of Manhattan. It's really big and people go and play sports or they just hang out and walk around. If you go there on the weekends, you see a lot of joggers because the roads are closed off, so there's no cars. Cars are not allowed, and in the summertime you see a lot of roller-bladers, and bikers.

Mike: How big is the park?

Mari: It's really big. It goes from I think 56th Street to 110th, so it's pretty large.

Mike: So, what other parts?

Mari: I went to grad school at Colombia so I lived right near Harlem and I actually really like Harlem because you get a very neighborhood feeling. You hear... You see people walking on the street talking to each other. You walk by the barbershop and you know that everyone knows each other. Everyone is interested in the other. They're gossiping about people in their neighborhood.

Mike: Is there any area you don't really like?

Mari: Because I am from New York City, I really don't like going to Times Square. I feel like it's very commercial and touristy, so I really don't like Times Square, but I guess for tourists it's very exciting. There's all these lights and, and I don't know, it's probably very exciting, the side street vendors, the musicians and all these things. It would be exciting for tourists, but I try to avoid it.

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There's lots of great shopping in Soho.

'Soho' is a neighborhood in New York City, that has many art galleries, restaurants, and fashionable shops.  Notice the following:

  1. Let's go to Soho this weekend.
  2. Many artists live in Soho.

on Broadway


I went shopping on Broadway.

'Broadway' is a road in New York City that is famous for shopping and theater.  Notice the following:

  1. Shopping on Broadway is expensive.
  2. Have you ever seen a Broadway play?

they just hang out


People just hang out.

'Hang out' means to spend time, usually with friends, at a place such as a shopping mall or coffee shop.  Notice the following:

  1. Do you want to hang out this weekend?
  2. She usually hangs out in the library.

grad school


I went to grad school at Colombia.

Grad school is where we study for a Master's Degree.  Notice the following:

  1. Grad school's expensive.
  2. I start grad school in August.

commercial and touristy


It's very commercial and touristy.

A place that is 'commercial and touristy' has many shops and restaurants for tourists.  Notice the following:

  1. I dislike commercial and touristy places.
  2. The island's become a bit too commercial and touristy.

Vocabulary Quiz

Soho • Broadway • hanging out
grad school • touristy
  1. My parents took us to a play every year when we were young.
  2. Let's pick a restaurant in and then go to a gallery after lunch.
  3. I want to go someplace that isn't for vacation.
  4. I hope to finish next year.
  5. We are just at my house if you want to come over.
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