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Keeping it Off

Jade from Korea talks about keeping his weight off and maintaining his slim body.

Todd: So, going back to before you went in to the army, what made you get so big? Was it just that you were sitting all day? Were you eating hamburgers everyday or what were you doing?

Jade: I don't want to blame American culture ... but as you said, like pizzas, like especially not Italian pizza but like Pizza Hut, like American pizzas and hamburgers made me really big. And I really liked that ... like coke and stuff and that made me really big. I always liked reading books. Reading books and eating something was my only hobby that I did at my home. I really didn't like to exercise or join the soccer games with my friends. I was just a really quiet person, but in the army I had to change. I had to learn how to fight, I had to learn how to, you know, move my body Everything was for protect our country but besides that, I became more healthy too. I really appreciate that thing.

Todd: Yeah, that is a great story actually. So ... but you said that you are healthy now and you've lost all this weight but you used to eat burgers and pizzas. Do you eat them still, sometimes?

Jade: Sometimes, yeah it's hard but you know, all the temptation of that is always tough but I'm still,you know, I won't deny that. I really like burgers or pizzas even now ...

Todd: Oh I'm with you man, I like it too!

Jade: But I am trying to avoid it ... I still now, I prefer water than coke. But I still like, you know, sweet things or something but still now, you know last point, even I have changed a lot but I have to keep that 'til even now, but there is "no pain, no gain" - I got the word from the army ...

Todd: Right

Jade: And I have to keep this, I wanna ... I like the way I am now and if I wanna keep this, I have to, you know, do many things for me. I have to pay it

Todd: Well you look fantastic. I have only known you the size you are now, so I can't imagine you being 117 kilos so ... I can't wait to see the photos.

Jade: OK, I'll give you the photos later, you can see it. I'll show you that.

Todd: OK, thanks man.

Jade: OK, see you later.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!

going back to


So, going back to before you went in to the army, what made you get so big?

In conversation, to 'go back' means we return to an earlier topic.  Note the following:

  1. Going back to what you said earlier, I think the weather is getting warmer.
  2. Now, going back to your first point, is that really true?



I don't want to blame American culture.

We blame someone or something that we think caused a problem.  Note the following:

  1. The banks are to blame for the economic crisis.
  2. I was blamed for scratching the car, but I didn't do it.

as you said


As you said, American food can be unhealthy.

We use the phrase 'as you said'  to repeat something another speaker has said.  Note the following:

  1. Well, as you said, young people just are not the same these days.
  2. As my dad said recently, the key to happiness is having a good family.



I won't deny that I really like burgers and pizza.

We deny something that is not true about us.  Note the following:

  1. The man denied that he stole the money.
  2. I can't deny that I have gained a little weight.

no pain, no gain


There is a saying, "no pain, no gain".

The phrase 'no pain, no gain' means that if we do not work hard, we will not be successful.  Note the following:

  1. At the gym, our motto is "no pain, no gain".
  2. I hate to study so much, but no pain, no gain.

Vocabulary Quiz

going back • blamed • as he said
 deny • no pain, no gain
  1. I know they say " ", but my legs really hurt from running.
  2. to our earlier conversation about coffee, do you want to go get a latte?
  3. My brother me for breaking the lamp.
  4. I can't that it can be lonely living in a foreign country.
  5. before, he has no plans to move back home.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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