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The Secret of Success

Jonathan asks Jeff about why he is more successful at meeting women in bars.

Jonathan: Jeff, I really don't understand how sometimes you have so much success with girls when we go out to the bar. It often seems like I'm the one sitting there and not really enjoying the conversation with the other girl's friend while you really hit it off with these women, and you're able to just walk up and talk to people. I don't know, maybe I just don't have the ability to go up and do that. How do you do that?

Jeff: I don't know. That's a... there's no special formula I don't think. I think you have to be a little bit open. You've got to be a little bit nice.

Jonathan: Do you have some lines that you use?

Jeff: I don't think. It all depends on the situation. It depends of the girl and the place and how you're feeling and what the girl looks like, but I think it helps a lot to have a good wingman. You need a good wingman. If you're by yourself you look a little bit strange: Why is this guy here in the bar by himself, so you need a good wingman.

Jonathan: Well, I find when I go out to the bar with you, you've been able to meet and talk to some people, yeah, I guess maybe when I go out alone I don't have quite the same success rate, but then a lot of times, you go out to the bar by yourself and you meet people and then I only hear about it afterwards.

Jeff: Yeah, but I think it's... if you drink enough beer and you go out with the right mindset. Leave all or your parameter at home and everyone is good in their own way.... and if you're open to everyone, open to having a good time, I think girls can sense that and they like that.

Jonathan: Or perhaps you're just strange enough that it doesn't seem all that different when you're out by yourself.

Jeff: Well, it might be that. It might be that.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!

hit it off


I really hit it off with some of the guests.

When we hit it off with someone that means we quickly become friends.  Note the following:

  1. My date and I really hit if off, so we planned a second date.
  2. I did not hit it off with my boss on the first day of work.

special formula


There's no special formula to success.

Here, a 'special formula' means a special strategy or technique to achieve something.  Note the following:

  1. The special formula to getting all A's is study, study, study.
  2. There is no special formula to getting rich.



Do you have some lines that you use?

Here, 'lines' are cool phrases or questions we use to start a conversation and make people interested in us.  Note the following:

  1. I like to quote lines from movies.
  2. He used a cheesy pick-up line to meet his girlfriend.

a good wingman


You need a good wingman.

A wingman supports his friend in social situations. Note the following:

  1. I am too shy to go out to bars without my wingman.
  2. My friend is a good wingman. He helps me meet people.

the right mindset


you go out with the right mindset.

The phrase 'mind set' simply means attitude.  Note the following:

  1. You need the right mindset to live in the wild for two weeks.
  2. He did not have the right mindset to be a policeman.

Vocabulary Quiz

hit it off • formula • lines
 wingman • mindset
  1. What's your special for meeting girls?
  2. You will not enjoy yourself if you don't have a positive .
  3. He always goes out with a .
  4. We from the first time we met.
  5. She hates it when guys use on her.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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