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Pick Up Places

Jeff and Jonathan talk about places where single men can meet women.

Jeff: So, Jonathan, I'd like to meet a nice girl. I'm looking to meet a nice girl but I'm not quite sure where we should go to meet women. What do you think? Where's a good place to meet some women?

Jonathan: You know, that's hard to say, I mean, there are all kinds of things that work for other people that they haven't necessarily worked for me. I mean, I talk to people who say that met girls in libraries, but I don't really want to go to a library. Usually they've got a silence rule. I don't want to go up and try to talk to a girl and have the librarian say, SHHH!

Jeff: Actually, one of my friends told me that he met a girl in the grocery store once in one of the aisles. He was looking at milk and she came up beside him, so maybe we should go get some groceries.

Jonathan: That seems to be a really unnatural kind of way to meet women in a grocery store. Maybe is a woman sees that you're buying individual portions of something and you're buying like little TV dinners that are only put in the microwave oven, she knows that you don't have someone at home cooking for you, but if I go out and I see a woman filling a basket with lots of tomatoes and cucumbers and so on, then I imagine she's probably cooking for a family.

Jeff: Well, why don't we go do something like bowling. Bowling! Women love to bowl. I'm sure we can meet some nice ladies at the bowling alley.

Jonathan: Oh, but women don't like putting on those ugly shoes.

Jeff: Well, then...

Jonathan: It's unfashionable when they go to the bowling alleys.

Jeff: Well, then, shopping! Let's go shopping. Girls love shopping. We can meet them at a store.

Jonathan: Girls love shopping but then they're gonna make you hold their bags for two hours while they go and try on different things. That's no fun.

Jeff: OK.

Jonathan: How about a concert?

Jeff: Ah, no, Too noisy.

Jonathan: Yeah, I guess you can't talk to women there.

Jeff: Well, I think actually, another one of my friends once met a lady at a bank - the bank teller.

Jonathan: Bank teller.

Jeff: Yeah.

Jonathan: That would seem like a little bit of a strange thing, and there I think the woman would be judging you by how much money you have in your account. She'd be able to see all of your information.

Jeff: Well, actually, I think let's just go to the pub.

Jonathan: OK.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!

hard to say


That's hard to say.

Something that is hard to say is difficult to guess.  Notice the following:

  1. It's hard to say if the economy will improve.
  2. I am not sure if Bill is coming. It's always hard to say with him.



They've got a silence rule.

The word silence means no sound or noise.  Notice the following:

  1. People get upset if there is not silence in the library.
  2. In space, you can only hear silence.



He met a girl in the grocery store once in one of the aisles.

Here, an aisle is the long, narrow walking space between shelves in a supermarket.  Notice the following:

  1. The canned good are on aisle three.
  2. The aisles on planes seem to get smaller and smaller.



It's unfashionable when they go to the bowling alleys.

Something that is unfashionable is not popular right now.  Notice the following:

  1. It is unfashionable to wear a pink tie and black shirt.
  2. Wearing white socks with a suit is really unfashionable.

judge (someone)


The woman would be judging you by how much money you have.

When we judge that means we form a positive or negative opinion of someone.  Notice the following:

  1. Whether we admit it or not, we all judge each other.
  2. She judged him by the style of clothing he wore.

Vocabulary Quiz

hard to say • silence • aisle
 unfashionable • judge
  1. Do you know which the cereal is in?
  2. After a whole day in the busy city you need a little .
  3. It's what I'll be doing five years from now.
  4. Don't him based on the clothes he wears.  He is actually very successful
  5. So people think it's to wear white shoes in the winter.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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