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Dancer the Dog

Greg talks about his dog and how get him and what makes him special.
Todd: Hey, Greg, you got a great dog. Where did you get your dog?

Greg: Actually, my dog and I sort of found each other. I was moving from one house to another and as I was moving from the parking lot to my house, I saw this really skinny dog that looked like he really needed food and also affection. I petted him. He followed me back and forth. The next day, he was out in front of the gate to the house. The next day, he made it inside the house to the genkan, the area we leave our shoes. The next day, he made it to the top of the bed.

Todd: Wow. So wait a minute. You're saying that you didn't choose your dog. Your dog kind of chose you.

Greg: Yes. It was fate. Destiny.

Todd: So, what's cool about your dog?

Greg: Well, basically my dog is the world's greatest dog. I'm very unbiased. He understands English and Japanese and French. He almost never barks. He likes lots of people. He's very intelligent, sensitive human being ... ah, dog!

Todd: So your dog speaks three languages?

Greg: He doesn't speak them, but he understands them.

Todd: So, can your dog do any special tricks?

Greg: Actually, like I didn't teach him to do any tricks, but he's amazing, like I walk him for ... I can walk for miles with him. He's always by my side and I don't need a leash. No leash whatsoever. He listens to me. He stops when I tell him to stop. If I tell him to go quickly, he runs quickly.

Dog: Wow! Sounds like a pretty good dog. ... So could you live without your dog? Is your dog invaluable?

Greg: My dog is invaluable. Actually, he's getting old now. He's thirteen years old now and I know that some day he will pass away, and when I think of that it makes me really, really sad. I dread it.

Todd: Yeah, that would be pretty tough. ... but in the future, you know, maybe after your dog is passed away, would you get another dog?

Greg: I think it would take me many years probably to recover from the loss of Dancer. His name is Dancer.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson


It was fate. Destiny.

Fate is power that some believe controls what happens in our lives.  Note the following:

  1. My wife and I met on vacation. It was fate.
  2. It was fate that I got fired and then started my own company.


I'm very unbiased about my dog.

The word 'unbiased' means to judge things fairly, not by our own opinions.  Note the following:

  1. Police need to be unbiased when investigating crimes.
  2. It is hard for teachers to be unbiased towards cheery students.


Is your dog invaluable?

We use the word 'invaluable' to talk about people or things that are very useful or important to us.  Note the following:

  1. The internet is now an invaluable resource that cannot be replaced.
  2. His contribution to the company is invaluable.

pass away

Some day he will pass away.

'Pass away' means to die.  We use it because it sounds softer and more repectful than 'die'.  Note the following:

  1. Sadly, his grandfather recently passed away.
  2. My friend cannot come because his aunt recently passed away.


When he dies I will dread it.

'Dread' is a strong feeling of worry about something bad happening.  Note the following:

  1. I dread taking tests.
  2. Most people dread filing their taxes.

Vocabulary Quiz

fate • unbiased • invaluable
 pass away • dread
  1. He taught me many lessons.
  2. I seeing my mother-in-law.
  3. It is important to have an opinion about this.
  4. How long ago did your dog ?
  5. It's that we saw each other here.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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