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Super Bowl Sunday

Melissa and Todd talk about America's secret holiday.
Todd: So, Melissa, the Super Bowl is coming up. And what do you think about football?

Melissa: I think it's really interesting. This Japanese guy recently told me it was the most interesting sport to watch because of the rules, but unfortunately I don't really know the rules so I have a hard time following it.

Todd: But you're American. You don't like American football?

Melissa: I'm more of a basketball fan cause when I watch it, I can easily understand what's going on, and when I'm watching football, everyone around me just screams and they don't really tell me what's going on.

Todd: Right. But the Super Bowl - that's like the biggest game of the year right! So you go to Super Bowl parties, right?

Melissa: Yeah, my sister's crazy about football and she has Super Bowl parties but I haven't really lived in America for the past three years, and before that I was in college and I never really went to one. How about you?

Todd: Oh, yeah, I'm huge .... it's the biggest day of the year for me.

Melissa: What's your favorite team?

Todd: Well, my team is terrible now ... the 49ers, so they're never, ever in the Super Bowl.

Melissa: Yeah, that's cool. San Francisco.

Todd: But the thing I think is great about Super Bowl Sunday is it's really ... it's like the silent American holiday.

Melissa: Yes.

Todd: You know what I mean? Like it's the one day where everybody gets together and watches the game and has a good time.

Melissa: Well, I'm from Philadelphia and Philadelphia fans of all sports are totally wild and crazy, and they just go all out, so a lot of my family members and friends go crazy about the Eagles' games.

Todd: So have you ever been to a professional game?

Melissa: I haven't. I haven't been to a professional football game.

Todd: Now, what about college? Did you have a big college team?

Melissa: No, I don't think so. We had a good basketball team at the University of Arizona - The Wildcats, but ....

Todd: Oh, right.

Melissa: Football, I don't really recall having a good football team.

Todd: So when you watch the Super Bowl, usually the best part is the commercials, right? So, they have the commercials, so you watch those, don't you?

Melissa: To be honest, I can't remember watching the Super Bowl in recent years.

Todd: Wow!

Melissa: Yeah.

Todd: Here it is. I'm saying it's the biggest day of the year, and you don't remember ever seeing it?

Melissa: I mean, I remember watching it, but they're just ... I remember like being more into the food that was all around me.

Todd: Right, right. Fair enough.

Melissa: Sorry. But if you invite me this year I'll come.

Todd: Oh, cool.


Learn vocabulary from the lesson

the rules

I don't really know the rules.

Rules tell us what we can or cannot do. Note the following:

  1. We have strict rules in our family.
  2. The rules to cricket are hard to understand.

hard time following

I have a hard time following it.

When we have a hard time following something that means it is difficult understand.  Note the following:

  1. I have a hard time following American football.
  2. The students had a hard time following the lecture.

what's going on

I can easily understand what's going on.

The phrase 'What's going on' asks about what is happening.  Note the following:

  1. There seems to be a lot of noise outside. What's going on?
  2. Does anyone know what's going on at the festival this week?

crazy about

My sister's crazy about football.

We are crazy about something we like very, very  much.  Note the following:

  1. I am crazy about sushi but not so crazy about Japanese food.
  2. My father is crazy about golf. He is always practicing.

be more into

I remember like being more into the food.

When we are 'into' something, we really like it.  'More into' compares our level of interest. Note the following:

  1. I am more into sports than art.
  2. I used to be more into hip hop, but not anymore.

Vocabulary Quiz

rules • following • going on
 crazy about • more into
  1. He is sports than school.
  2. Can you explain the again?
  3. I always have a hard time this program.
  4. She is her new boyfriend.
  5. So what's this weekend?
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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