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Dog Will Travel

Greg talks about taking his dog with him when he travels locally and globally.
Todd: So, Greg, I know that you travel a lot, so what do you do with your dog when you travel? Who takes care of your dog?

Greg: Well, we have very good friends who love to have him. In fact, sometimes my friends offer before we go. They know we're going, "Hey, can we take care of Dancer?" and they take good care of him.

Todd: So, have you ever actually traveled with your dog?

Greg: Actually, yes. Well, when we travel in Japan, he travels with us almost everywhere we go. He sits in the car and sometimes we camp and sleep in the car with him or we stay in tents and he travels with us ... but we've also traveled overseas with him.

Todd: Oh, wow, that's cool, so you've actually ... you've taken your dog on like long trips on the plane?

Greg: Yes. We moved from Japan to the United Arab Emirates and he came with us there. We lived there for awhile.

Todd: Wow. You took your dog to the Emirates?

Greg: Yes, and also we traveled into Oman. In fact we did some serious mountain climbing in Oman with him.

Todd: So like, how do you take a dog when you travel? What do you got to do?

Greg: Well, depending on the country, you have to check into the requirements. He needs a lot of vaccinations. Make sure he's doesn't ... he has to be checked by a vet to make sure he doesn't have any illnesses.

Todd: Oh, really? Like how long does that take? I mean, do you have to take him to the vet and do this like a month before, or is it something you just do right before you travel?

Greg: Probably a couple of weeks at least is average.

Todd: So, how do you take a dog on a plane?

Greg: Well, not every airplane company will allow dogs so you have to check into which do allow them and then you have to have a special nice size container and you have to put a little bit of food in them and you make sure that the airline company tells everybody who's working along ... like if there are any stops on a stopover, they have to make sure everybody knows that there's a dog and then they'll take care ... make sure to check the water and make sure the temperature controls in the back of the plane are at the right setting.

Todd: When you get off the plane, is your dog kind of freaked out? Is Dancer all stressed?

Greg: He is so happy to get off. He hates flying.

Todd: So when he sees the cage, does he act funny? Does he act, you know, like with dread, fear?

Greg: He looks at me with his eyes and he tries to talk me out of it.

Todd: Does he ever succeed?

Greg: He succeeds in a lot of things, but if I have to move, I've gotta move and we're a family so he comes with me.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson


He needs a lot of vaccinations.

A vaccination is medicine usually given once by injection that protects us from disease.  Note the following:

  1. We got our dog a vaccination for rabies.
  2. Be sure to get travel vaccinations before you leave.


Make sure the temperature controls are at the right setting.

Settings are controls we use to make electronics perform as we want. Note the following:

  1. Did someone change the settings on my computer?
  2. If the audio does not play, check the settings.

freaked out

When you get off the plane, is your dog freaked out?

'Freaked out' is an idiom we use to describe someone who is very scared or angry.  Note the following:

  1. He freaked out when he lost his wallet.
  2. I freak out at the sight of blood.

act funny

When he sees the cage, does he act funny?

When someone acts funny they behave different than usual.  Note the following:

  1. He acts funny around her.
  2. Our teacher is acting funny today, isn't she?

talk ... out of ...

He tries to talk me out of it.

When we get someone to agree not to do something, we talk them out of it.  Note the following:

  1. The coach talked him out of quitting the team.
  2. I'm buying a car, and don't try to talk me out of it!

Vocabulary Quiz

vaccinations • settings • freaks out
 act funny • talk him out of
  1. His friends are trying to getting married.
  2. I got three yesterday and my arm hurts today.
  3. She always around exam time.
  4. Does he always in front of his boss?
  5. Somebody changed the on the radio in my car.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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