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Commercial Christmas

Rory and Abidemi wonder if the holidays are too commercial these days.

Abidemi: So Rory, do you think holidays these days ... do you think they're too commercial? What do you think?

Rory: I mean, they really are commercial aren't they? Christmas especially. It seems to start earlier and earlier every year, so now you hear Christmas songs like in November and maybe even in October, and the stores start to have decorations. It is too commercial? I don't know. I love Christmas, you know. So I love all the Christmas lights, but there is a lot of pressure on people to spend a lot of money at Christmas.

Abidemi: That's true. I think I am with you on that. I love Christmas. I love everything that comes with it: the songs, the food, the family time, so I can't really complain about it, but I think the year, the calendar year, has just become one big holiday thing, where you start off, you know ... I don't know, you start whenever. December Christmas finishes and we're already looking forward to Valentine's Day. Valentine Day finishes -- Easter, St. Patrick's Day. So it's like one continuous holiday coming up right after the other. So ...

Rory: And things like St Patrick's Day --- when I was a kid --- my family's Irish. We never celebrated St. Patrick's Day at all. I mean nothing. Didn't even talk about it. But now, all the pubs, and the bars, have promotions. The restaurants have promotions. You can buy green beer. People are wearing funny hats. It seems to me like completely a commercial holiday.

Abidemi: That's true.

Rory: It doesn't seem to be related to St Patrick at all.

Abidemi: That's true. That's true. Why do you think it's becoming more and more like that?

Rory: I guess just that companies see it -- the way to sell more products.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



They really are commercial aren't they?

Commercial refers to people spending money. Notice the following:

  1. The holidays are commercial because people buy gifts.
  2. ELLLO provides free materials and commercial products as well.

with you


I am with you.

Here, the phrase 'I am with you' means you agree with someone. Notice the following:

  1. As for wine, I am with you. I dislike it too.
  2. I feel Christmas is too commercial. Are you with me?

one -- right after the other


It's like one continuous holiday coming up right after the other.

When something happens one after another, it happens very frequently. Notice the following:

  1. He kept eating slices of pizza, one after the other, until he got sick.
  2. We have so many tests. The seem to come one after the other.



All the pubs, and the bars, have promotions.

A promotion is a special event or offer to gain people's attention for something. Notice the following:

  1. The cafe has a new promotion. Buy one coffee and you get a muffin for free.
  2. Most stores now have huge promotions for Black Friday.

funny hats


People are wearing funny hats.

Sometimes the word 'funny' can describe things that are are strange, interesting, or cute. Notice the following:

  1. That is a funny outfit.
  2. He made a funny comment about my essay.

Vocabulary Quiz

commercial • with you • after another
promotion • funny
  1. The store is having a big .
  2. That is a shirt.
  3. I agree. I am totally .
  4. He told one lie .
  5. We took a flight.

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