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Super Party

For Superbowl Sunday in America, Todd invites Katie to come over and watch the big game.

Todd: Hey Katie. I'm having a party, Super Bowl party at my house on Sunday in a couple of weeks. Would you like to come over?

Katie: Okay. But I have absolutely no idea what a Super Bowl is.

Todd: Well, you know, the Super Bowl is a big sporting event and we have it once a year. But it's okay if you don't know anything about American football because actually, the Super Bowl is kind of like our unofficial holiday.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: Yeah. So what happens is, is everybody comes over to somebody's house, and you have a big party and you watch the game but nobody really watches the game. There's lots of other stuff going on so it's should be good.

Katie: Do you have like Super Bowl food that you eat?

Todd: Exactly. Exactly. So it's kind of like a big feast. So we'll have, you know, like hamburgers and stuff we'll barbecue. And we'll have lots of like chips and dip and stuff like that. So you don't have to bring any food but it's potluck. So if you do want to bring something, yeah, I would recommend it.

Katie: Do you have to be like a supporter of one of the teams in the final?

Todd: No. And actually, the game is not for a couple of weeks so we don't know who the two final teams are going to be.

Katie: All right.

Todd: They still have to decide, but actually, there's a bunch of things that have nothing to do with football on the Super Bowl that you'll probably like. The first is, they have the halftime show. You may have heard about the Super Bowl halftime show.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: You like music, right?

Katie: I love music.

Todd: Right. So they always have a really big musical act. And actually this year, I don't remember who it is. I'll have to check but it's usually somebody like Bruno Mars or U2 or somebody like that.

Katie: I think last year, it was Katie Perry, was it not?

Todd: It might have been. Yeah. But it's always a really, really big person. Another thing that's really cool about the Super Bowl is the commercials. So the commercials, you know, the companies spend a lot of money on the commercials, and they're usually really good. So the commercials—the people are often more into the commercials than the game.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: Especially if one team is kind of – if it's a lopsided win. So yeah, so the commercials are fun.

Katie: What kind of commercials do they have?

Todd: You know, like companies like Pepsi or Coke or like really big name companies.

Katie: So the really big ones.

Todd: Yeah. They'll spend like millions and millions of dollars. These are usually the most expensive commercials because it's one local game and one local audience. Like the World Cup is a more watched event but the commercials are regional for all the different countries, whereas the Super Bowl, the commercials are just for Americans.

Katie: Yeah.

Todd: So yeah, these are usually the most expensive commercials like around the world. So they're usually really well done.

Katie: Is it just American teams in the Super Bowl?

Todd: Yes, it's very, you know, Americanized name, I'd say. But, you know, like I said, the game is really not that important. But there is one way that you can make money.

Katie: Okay. I'm interested.

Todd: So what happens is, we have like a pool and you can draw numbers. And like you don't have to know anything about football but you can have like, you know, draw numbers for the first person to score a touchdown, or the first player to get a penalty or things like that. And you just fill out the chart and then if your player gets that, then you can get money.

So you have to contribute. You have to pay like 10 bucks to play. But then it's in the pool and then you could win money at different points during the game.

Katie: Have you ever won at the Super Bowl before?

Todd: Yeah. It's kind of like how it works out where everybody wins a little money and everybody loses a little money. So, you know, gambling technically is illegal but…

Katie: Of course.

Todd: Yeah. But it's like just one of those things that everybody does.

Katie: It's not for big money.

Todd: No.

Katie: Just a little bit of money.

Todd: Just a little bit of money.

Katie: So it's okay.

Todd: Just to have fun. Yeah. So, and then, once I find out what teams are in the finals then I'll tell you about the colors. And it's usually best that you choose one team that you're going to support.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: So I'll fill you in about who the teams are later and all that.

Katie: Right.

Todd: So are you willing to come?

Katie: Yeah. Sounds like fun.

Todd: Okay, cool.

Katie: I'm in.

Todd: All right. So it's going to be at my house at 3:00. So if you can show up around 2:00-ish.

Katie: Should I bring some food?

Todd: You can. Like you can bring some type of maybe salad or like a bean dish or something like that if you like. But we'll – like the main food, we'll provide. We'll have pizza. We'll have burgers. Oh, and it's BYOB.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: So if you want to drink, you have to bring your own alcohol.

Katie: All right.

Todd: But we will have some beers and stuff. Do you drink?

Katie: Sometimes.

Todd: Okay. Cool.

Katie: Like tenths of the time.

Todd: All right. So see you there. Glad you can come.

Katie: No worries.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



It's kind of like a big feast.

A feast is a really big meal shared by lots of people. Notice the following:

  1. On Thanksgiving we have a big feast.
  2. We always eat roasted turkey at the feast.



Do you have to be a supporter of a team?

A supporter is a person who cheers for one team to win. Notice the following:

  1. She is a big Man U supporter.
  2. I am not a supporter of any team.



There are lots of commercials.

Commercials are short videos that advertise products or companies. Notice the following:

  1. There are too many commercials on TV.
  2. Sometimes commercials are funny!



It's a lopsided game.

A lopsided game is when one teams is winning by a large margin. Notice the following:

  1. The game is lopsided. Let's stop playing.
  2. Lopsided games are not fun to watch.

draw numbers / pool


You need to draw numbers. You can win the pool.

Here, to draw numbers means to pick a number by chance. A pool is a collection of money that people can win. Notice the following:

  1. In bingo you draw numbers to win the pool.
  2. In many card games, you draw a card from the deck.



The party is BYOB and potluck.

BYOB is short for Bring Your Own Booze, and this means you bring your won drink to an event. Potluck is when you bring food to share with others. Notice the following:

  1. Is the party BYOB?
  2. The party is BYOB but there will be punch.

Vocabulary Quiz

commercial • supporter • feast
BYOB • draw • lopsided
  1. We ate a huge .
  2. I did not good numbers.
  3. That TV was cute.
  4. This game is . It's 60 to 3.
  5. Is the party and potluck?
  6. Are you a of any team?

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