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The Perfect Candidate

Gilda explains the right traits women need to succeed in a beauty pageant and why young women like the events.

Aimee: So what are some of the characteristics of the women and the girls who always win?

Gilda: Well, you know, they have – well, recently, they did a sort of like a reality show. And like the whole country get to see what's happening in this Miss Venezuela organization. And they are always looking for something trendy, like what's popular in America.

Aimee: Okay.

Gilda: If there's a blonde girl or a brunette or – and normally, tall with all the perfect, 90-60-90 – is it?

Aimee: Hmm?

Gilda: 90-60-90 I think is the perfect…

Aimee: Oh, you're talking about measurements?

Gilda: Yeah, the body.

Aimee: Like body size measurements.

Gilda: Yes. Yes.

Aimee: Right. So that's important too, obviously.

Gilda: Yes. Yeah. That's really important. Yeah. Also the hair, the eyes, the teeth, everything. Yeah, so they think about many, many things.

Aimee: So it's all based on physical appearance.

Gilda: Yes, yes.

Aimee: Of course it's a beauty pageant.

Gilda: Of course, they go under a training, I heard, of almost one year.

Aimee: Wow.

Gilda: So they train them in terms of how to express themselves using proper language.

Aimee: Yeah.

Gilda: And yeah, and also beauty; how to make-up, how to fix their hair or something like…

Aimee: Okay. So like maintenance and self –

Gilda: Yes, exactly.

Aimee: Self presentation, I guess.

Gilda: Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

Aimee: Wow. What about – I don't know much about beauty pageants, so but I've heard or I've noticed that you have to have a skill as well, don't you? An extra, a special skill like what's your, what are you going to present to the judges as your additional skill. Is that the case?

Gilda: That's more like American beauty pageants.

Aimee: Okay.

Gilda: So in Venezuela, they are not introduced like, they don't introduce to the audience a skill.

Aimee: Okay.

Gilda: They just go there and do the swimsuit competition and the evening gown.

Aimee: Yeah.

Gilda: And then, a question.

Aimee: Yeah.

Gilda: And then they're crowned.

Aimee: What kind of question might it be?

Gilda: Well, they have many kind of questions but sometimes the questions are really difficult.

Aimee: Yeah.

Gilda: But normally, it's about life, about world peace, about helping others, philanthropic activities. Yeah, that kind…

Aimee: Off the top of your head, can you give an example of a question that…?

Gilda: An example?

Aimee: Yeah.

Gilda: Like once, a girl was asked what's the difference between forgive and asking for permission. Like she had to explain what's the difference when you as for a permission and when you ask for forgiveness.

Aimee: Oh so, it's like a grammar question?

Gilda: Some sort of. The thing is that she fainted.

Aimee: She fainted?

Gilda: Yeah.

Aimee: No.

Gilda: She couldn't answer. It was too much. And because, they're young. I mean, we're talking about girls 17, 18 years old, students. They were wearing lots of things. They're nervous. They're in front of millions of people and…

Aimee: It's a lot of pressure.

Gilda: Yeah. And yeah, maybe you say like, "Oh, that's an easy question." But at that particular moment, it might not be easy.

Aimee: Yeah, of course.

Gilda: And plus, they don't eat because they need to fit in their dress.

Aimee: Oh my goodness.

Gilda: Yeah.

Aimee: That just sounds so intense.

Gilda: It is. It's like a marathon or something.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



They are always looking for something trendy.

When something is trendy, it is popular in that period of time. Trendy often refers to fashion or lifestyle. Notice the following:

  1. Selfie's are still trendy. People love them.
  2. Now it is trendy for men to have a beard.



There's a blonde girl or a brunette.

A brunette is a person with brown hair. The word brunette usually refers to women, not men. Notice the following:

  1. I was a brunette but now I am blond.
  2. She is a beautiful brunette.

physical appearance


It's all based on physical appearance.

Physical appearance refers to how a person looks. Notice the following:

  1. People worry about their physical appearance.
  2. Men judge women more by their physical appearance than women do men.

evening gown


They do the swimsuit competition and the evening gown.

An evening gown is a nice dress usually worn for very formal events. Notice the following:

  1. She wore a beautiful red evening gown.
  2. Some women only wear an evening gown once.



The thing is that she fainted.

When you faint, you fall asleep suddenly for a short period of time, usually because of shock or stress. Notice the following:

  1. He fainted when he saw blood.
  2. The news made him faint.

at that particular moment


But at that particular moment, it might not be easy.

Here, at that particular moment just means then or at that time. Notice the following:

  1. I was so angry at that particular moment.
  2. At that particular moment, I did not know what to do.

Vocabulary Quiz

trendy • brunette • physical
evening gown • faint • particular
  1. She wore a lovely to the event.
  2. I was not happy at that moment.
  3. You should not judge people by their appearance.
  4. I feel dizzy. I think I might .
  5. She is a beautiful .
  6. These shoes are very now.

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