Beginner English #09 | Be vs. Have

The Family

John talks the people in his family. Students can listen to how to describe people.

Sarah: John, I've never met your family. Do you have a big family?

John: Yeah, kind of. There are five people in my family, so it's a medium family. I have two brothers, so there are three boys in my family. And there's my mother and my father.

Sarah: How about your father? Do you look like him?

John: Yes, I do. I do look like my father. When he was younger. He had blond hair like me and he has glasses. So do I. My mother has glasses, too. I'm the same height as my father. We are both 180 centimeters tall. My older brother is the same height as me and my father. But my younger brother is shorter than us.

Sarah: Ah.

John: He has blond hair and glasses too, though.

Sarah: Oh. How tall is your younger brother?

John: He's a bit shorter than us. I am not sure but I think he's around 170 centimeters tall.

Sarah: Oh. How about your mom?

John: My mom is short, too. She's the same height as my younger brother.

Sarah: Oh.

John: And my mom has red hair. Her hair is bright red, so my mother has different hair from the rest of my family. There are four people with blond people with blond hair and one person with red hair. But actually, all five of us wear glasses.

Sarah: Oh really?

John: Yeah.

Sarah: So John, you're thin. What about the rest of your family? Are they thin, too?

John: Well, my mother is skinny, too, like me. But my brothers are more like my dad in their body type. They are a little bit more muscular than me. They have big muscles and they're very strong. So they are heavier than me. That's my father. He weighs more than I do. And my brothers are also heavier than me.

Sarah: Oh, sounds like a good-looking family.

John: Thank you.

Be vs. Have : is / are vs. has / have


  • He is a student. He is very smart.
  • She is a doctor. She is tall.
  • It is cold today!


  • You are a nice person. You are nice.
  • They are teachers. They are smart!
  • We are a team! We are very close.


  • She has a nice house.
  • He has three children.
  • The park is big. It has many trees.


  1. You have a test tomorrow!
  2. They have a nice car.
  3. We have some extra food.
Answer these questions about the interview.

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