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Movie Plans

Ruth and Todd make plans to see a movie.
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Todd: Hey, Ruth, Akane and I were thinking of getting a movie tonight, and watching a movie.

Ruth: Oh, that sounds good.

Todd: So, you gonad come over?

Ruth: Really, I can't, actually. I've got to fill in some forms, tonight. I'm going to law school in September, so I've got to get some money together.

Todd: You've got to get money together on Saturday night?

Ruth: Well, I actually did try to do my forms today but I didn't manage to get anything done, so now I have to do it on Saturday night.

Todd: Yeah, but tomorrow is Sunday. Just do it tomorrow.

Ruth: Yeah, but I'm going to church tomorrow and so I'd rather get some done tonight.

Todd: Well, how long are you going to work?

Ruth: Tonight! Um, I'll probably do a couple of hours. Maybe I can come up and watch the end.

Todd: OK, well, what time do you think you'd be able to come up? Cause we can just do different stuff.
You know Akane, she's always cleaning. I'm sure she'd love to go back and scrub her apartment or something.

Ruth: Well, how about 10 o'clock? What are you doing at 10?

Todd: Ah, 10 would be good, if I'm still awake.

Ruth: Will you be too tired?

Todd: No, no, that's good. It's Saturday. No problem.

Ruth: Really?

Todd: Yeah, yeah! Do it. Um, we were thinking of getting Shrek 2.

Ruth: Oh, wow! I really like Shrek 2.

Todd: OK, cool.

Ruth: I really like it.

Todd: I wanted to watch Star Wars but she said "no".

Ruth: Oh, I'm glad she said "no".

Todd: You don't like Star Wars?

Ruth: I can't stand it, except that I do like Ewan McGregor.

Todd: That's right. That's right. You said that before. OK, yeah cool, well, just go home
and work really hard and try to come back.

Ruth: I'll do as much as I can.

Todd: OK, see you then.

Ruth: Alright. See you later. Thanks for the invitation.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

get/getting a movie

Akane and I were thinking of getting a movie tonight.

When you 'get a movie,' it means that you rent it and watch it at home. Notice the following:

  1. Where is the closest place to get a movie around here.
  2. I would rather get a movie than go to the cinema.

fill in some forms or do my forms

Although I tried to do my forms today, I didn't get them done, so I've got to fill in some forms tonight.

If you 'do forms' or 'fill in forms,' it means that you complete them with the information they ask for. Notice the following:

  1. Getting your driver's license is really easy here. All you have to do is fill in some forms.
  2. You should try to do your tax forms this weekend.

get some money together

I'm going to law school in September, so I've got to get some money together.

You 'get some money together' when you gather it for a specific purpose. Notice the following:

  1. His whole family is trying to get some money together to send him to medical school.
  2. We are trying to get some money together for a vacation this year.


I'm going to church tomorrow, so I'd rather get some done tonight.

You can use the word 'rather' to say what you would prefer to do. Notice the following:

  1. Would you rather have tea or coffee.
  2. I'd rather eat something healthy for lunch than eat fast food.

can't stand it

I can't stand Star Wars, except that I do like Ewan McGregor.

If you 'can't stand' something, it means you don't like it. Notice the following:

  1. He can't stand country music.
  2. Some people can't stand broccoli.

Vocabulary Quiz

movie • forms • together
rather • can't stand
  1. Let me see if I can get some money before I commit to that.
  2. I think she'd just stay at your house than go out to a bar.
  3. I it when people talk with their mouths full.
  4. Banks make you fill in lots of if you want to take out a loan.
  5. I'm going to stop on my way home and get a to watch tonight.
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