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Hotel Costs

Mini discusses hotel and compares prices from three-star hotels and and up.
Todd: So, Mini, your country, Sri Lanka, is a very popular tourist destination. Can you talk a little about costs? Like how much does it cost to have a nice vacation in Sri Lanka?

Mini: It's a very cheap place to have a vacation, so for example if you have... your budget is around 50,000 yen in terms of rupees around 45,000 rupees, you can have a good vacation. You can have a good hotel. You can have good food. You can shop as well - by clothes and all the stuff and go around the country as well.

Todd: That's pretty cool. So, how much is a nice hotel, like a five-star hotel?

Mini: For one day, it's around 10,000 yen. Around 9,500 rupees.

Todd: Right. So 10,000 yen. OK, so that's pretty cheap. That's about 100 dollars I think. Right? One hundred U.S. dollars? So, a five-star hotel, you're talking about beautiful room, nice swimming pool, nice facilities, everything.

Mini: Everything is there, and it's near the beach as well.

Todd: Oh, man, that's great. So, what if you want something cheaper. What if you just want a small room, very basic, just a bed, a bathroom, no swimming pool, nothing nice. How much would a hotel like that cost?

Mini: OK, for that, you can pay around a thousand yen. Around nine hundred rupees.

Todd: A thousand yen.

Mini: A thousand yen. A thousand, five hundred yen.

Todd: Ten dollars.

Mini: Mm-hm. That's cheap.

Todd: For one night?

Mini: Yeah.

Todd: Really.

Mini: Mm-hm.

Todd: I wanna go.

Mini: I'm sure.

Todd: That is really, really cheap.

Mini: Yeah, it's very cheap.

Todd: OK, what about things like internet access? So can you get high-speed internet access?

Mini: If you want to stay in a hotel like that, no, you can't get internet access from those kind of hotels, but if you stay in four-star hotel, maybe three-star hotel you can get high-speed internet access.

Todd: OK.

Mini: But you have like centers, internet media centers, kind of stuff. You can pay like fifty rupees and access to the internet. You can do it anytime.

Todd: Right. OK. And just lastly, what about meals? How much do meals cost?

Mini: If you want to go for a nice buffet, maybe around two thousand yen, a thousand, five hundred rupees around.

Todd: Oh, that's actually kind of expensive, isn't it. Two thousand yen.

Mini: But you have everything there. It's really nice. I love it.

Todd: OK. Well, it sounds like a great place to go. Thanks Mini.

Mini: You're welcome.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

in terms of


50,000 in terms of rupees.

We use the phrase 'in terms of' to be specific about an open topic.  Notice the following:

  1. Living in the city is great in terms of convenience.
  2. Living in the city is terrible in terms of noise.

all the stuff


You can buy all the stuff.

Here, the phrase 'all the stuff' is closest in meaning to everything.  Notice the following:

  1. You can buy all the stuff you need after you arrive.
  2. Do we have all the stuff we need for the party?

nice facilities


You're talking about nice facilities.

Here, 'facilities' means fitness room, sauna, restaurant, etc.  Notice the following:

  1. The place had modern facilities.
  2. The guest house was cheap, but aside from a bed, toilet and shower, it had no facilities to speak of.

as well


It's near the beach as well.

The phrase 'as well' has exactly the same meaning as 'too'.  Notice the following:

  1. There's a beautiful swimming pool as well.
  2. I am going to buy this sweater as well.



Go for a nice buffet.

A 'buffet' is a meal with many kinds of food where customers pay a set price, serve themselves and can eat as much as they want.  Notice the following:

  1. The hotel has a nice buffet.
  2. The buffet is cheap, but the food's not great.

Vocabulary Quiz

in terms of • all the stuff • facilities
as well • buffet
  1. Do you want to get a coffee ?
  2. The hotel was okay, but the were a little old.
  3. Did you get you needed?
  4. The most amazing I have ever seen was in Vegas.  They had every type of food you can imagine.
  5. a good education, his university is one of the best.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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